Education system needs to change to build smart Bangladesh: DSE Chairman

Education system needs to change to build smart Bangladesh: DSE Chairman
Education system needs to change to build smart Bangladesh: DSE Chairman

Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) Chairman Professor Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Hasan Babu said that the universities of the country should play an effective role through innovation and research.

The DSE Chairman said these things at the workshop titled ‘Education, Research and Innovation’ organized by the Bangladesh University Grants Commission to build a Smart Bangladesh as part of the implementation of the e-Governance and Innovation Action Plan 2023-24 on Monday (November 20). UGC member Professor Dr. was the chief guest of the event. Md. Sajjad Hossain. It was presided over by the Director of Research Support and Publication Division of UGC. Md. Fakhrul Islam.

The Prime Minister introduced the concept of Digital Bangladesh in Bangladesh. Hasan Babu said that smart Bangladesh is currently struggling in front of Bangladesh. It will be implemented by 2041. Through this, Bangladesh will become a country in the developed world. We have already moved from Digital Bangladesh to Smart Bangladesh. The effective role of thousands of public and private institutions and individuals of the state is undeniable for the implementation of this mission of the government. Skilled human resource and education system should be changed for Smart Bangladesh. The universities of the country should also play an effective role through new innovations and research.

Commenting on research, the DSE chairman said that research is a tool for organizing information and reaching new conclusions. Through research it is possible to remove social unrest, chaos and make a nation reach its desired success. Knowledge, thought and discovery created through research can lead a nation to the right decision Research can provide insight into social and economic problems and find solutions. More research dependent countries are more prosperous There is no alternative to create a smart Bangladesh to keep pace with the smart world. For the long-term overall development of the country, the government has adopted multi-dimensional action plans and strategies through infrastructural development as well as institutional development. In this reality, the mission of the government is to build a smart Bangladesh with the aim of winning the fourth industrial revolution.

Dr. about innovation. Hasan Babu said that it is possible to bring big changes even from small changes. Small projects or ideas can be developed into big projects. A plan has been taken to build a smart Bangladesh by 2041 In order to build a smart Bangladesh, we must work on innovation on a larger scale To build a smart Bangladesh by 2041, innovative thinking of entrepreneurs is required. A smart, prosperous and balanced Bangladesh should be built by combining these three things: education, research and innovation.

Dr. Hasan Babu said, we want to show the entire world the manifesto that will be prepared keeping Smart Bangladesh in front of the 2024 elections. Bangladesh is not lagging behind in technology and development today, Bangladesh is thinking how to reach the threshold of the developed world.

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