Let Israel rescue me, I am a Jew: Tamizi

Let Israel rescue me, I am a Jew: Tamizi
Let Israel rescue me, I am a Jew: Tamizi

On Saturday, the clock is at 12 noon. Gulshan 2, road 111. Some people are clustered around the royal house number 8. Those who were passing by that road, all curious eyes towards the house. Five flags of Saudi Arabia are draped over the roof of the four-story building. Silence inside. Peeking inside the house from outside the gate, the eyes are stuck on a beautiful swimming pool. A few RAB vehicles on the road ahead. with an ambulance. Controversial businessman Adam Tamiji Haque’s palatial home is now in the news. He has arrest warrants in several cases. After returning home with a British passport, he is staying in that house in Gulshan.

Last Thursday RAB first raided that house to arrest him. However, to avoid arrest, Haque Group Managing Director (MD) Adam Tamiji Haque threatened to commit suicide on Facebook Live that day. Last Friday night he came on Facebook Live and did another incident. Tamiji claims to be Jewish. Said, my name is Adam. I was born in Britain. My mother is half Jewish. “I am a Zeus,” Tamiji said, claiming citizenship from the Israeli government. He demanded help in rescuing him and his family by granting him Israeli citizenship as Zeus. Tamiji also trimmed his beard, leaving behind the familiar scruffy look. Although a few days ago on Facebook live from Makkah, Saudi Arabia, he said, ‘I am moving away from politics because of religion and business. Fourth marriage. And it is better to do it in Saudi Arabia.’ However, he was not seen publicly outside the house till last night. However, in the afternoon, the people of Tamiji’s company sent various kinds of food inside the house for him.

In front of that house. Talked to a young man named Taher. He said, ‘I have been with Sir for 6-7 years. Working as a private officer. After the RAB raid, I left the house. He is inside the house with his fourth wife. When I come to Facebook live, I can only see the status of sir. Other times I try to inquire on the phone. However, the phone is off since Saturday morning. After noon I went inside the house and left various food including fruit, juice. But did not meet him. We are also working on his case.’

In front of that house, we spoke to two other officials of the Haque Group, but they did not want to reveal their names. They said that despite working in the company, they are not getting salary for two months. Aboltabal has been talking for a long time sir. Due to this, the old people of the company are also upset with him. Some even advised Tamiji to stay abroad. After returning to the country without listening to them, Tamiji sir started talking again and again. According to them, he is mentally unbalanced.
Haque Group officials and law enforcement sources say that apart from the fourth wife, there was a bodyguard along with Tamiji in that house in Gulshan. The bodyguard is also a British citizen. He left that house in Gulshan on Friday.

Highlighting the situation inside Tamiji’s house, one said, there are several levels of security in that house. All room doors are secured. If the fingerprint does not match, it is not possible to enter there. After the raid, all utilities including gas, electricity and water were disconnected from the house. Connection was restored yesterday afternoon.

Commander Khandaker Al Moin, director of RAB’s law and media wing, said there are three cases against Tamizi so far. His wife filed one of these cases. There is a search warrant for his house. He is creating a dramatic situation to arrest. Threatened to commit suicide. Threaten to leave the wife. He broke the window glass of the house. Avoiding arrest by creating unpleasant incidents. Being monitored. Arrests will be made if the situation is favorable.

Repeatedly discussed
On September 17, on Facebook Live, Adam Tamiji Haque said, ‘I was a leader of Awami League. Awami League has killed my 1000 crore rupees. I was deported. They are trying to put me in jail with a false case. That is why I renounced the citizenship of Bangladesh. I don’t want the citizenship of this country anymore. Because, I do not have the qualification to be a citizen of this country.’

Apart from this, on Facebook live, he accused a state minister of taking possession of the Tongir factory owned by Haque Group. Mentioning the name of the state minister, he said, ‘You are a thief, bastard, you know me. I am coming to Tongi. Stop if you have the courage.’ Tamiji was later expelled for breaching organizational discipline. Apart from this, Adam Tamiji threatened to commit suicide on his Facebook page during the raid last Thursday. At this time, he was seen vandalizing various furniture of his house. He called out his workers on that live. He ordered everyone to gather in front of his house.

On September 18, Tamiji came to Facebook Live from Makkah and made various comments about the head of government, women’s leadership and Awami League. There he said, ‘I will be honored in England. They know how to value talents. I will settle permanently in the UK. I will do the politics of the Labor Party. In the next 10 years, I will be the Prime Minister of the UK, inshallah. I will never come to Bangladesh again.’

In another live, he held his wife’s face and said, ‘I am Adam Tamiji Haque. I was the leader of Awami League. My team broke my family by beating my wife. has turned my wife against me.’ Announcing his fourth marriage, he wrote, ‘If everything goes well, I can build a house for my fourth wife next December. Next December I will be married for the fourth time. Everyone is invited. Getting married in Saudi is the best.’

Tamiji Haque apologizes by burning his Bangladeshi passport. He said, ‘I did such an act due to excessive emotion.’

Jeremy Williman, a British citizen, has sent a legal notice to Tamiji Haque seeking compensation of Rs 42 crore for breach of contract to buy a house in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) this year. The notice said – after entering into the agreement to buy the house, he lived there without paying the installments. However, he covered the house with valuables. After that, there was no trace of him. Because of this, Tamiji was given a notice to pay 50 million USD as compensation.

How to start a business
According to the website of Haque Group, Adam Tamiji Haque’s father, Barrister Tamiji Haque, was the founding chairman of Haque Group of Industries. After his death, Tamiji became the MD of Haque Group in 2011. His mother and sister are in UK. Adam Tamiji’s children are out of the country.

Hawk has various businesses including food items including biscuits, batteries, resorts in Cox’s Bazar, Hawk Imperium Properties. After the death of his father, Adam Tamiji Haq is the sole owner of the property – allegations raised by his family several times. In 2017, he started some public welfare work through a non-profit organization called ‘Humanitarian Bangladesh’. After the death of the then mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation, Anisul Haque, some businessmen were candidates for Awami League nomination. Adam Tamiji was one of them.
When Adam Tamiji’s mobile number was contacted, his phone was found switched off.

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