What Menon said about dialogue with BNP


Rashed Khan Menon, president of Bangladesh Workers Party, said that in order to have unconditional dialogue, BNP and its allies must first leave. They have demanded the resignation of the government.

He said these things at a peace rally organized by 14 groups on the ground of Shaheed Minar in Kamrangirchar on Tuesday (November 14) afternoon.

Menon said, the western lord of BNP Jamaat used to threaten us, if this election is not participatory, then they will apply visa policy and sanctions on us. But yesterday I saw that the situation has changed. Now they are going around with letters.

He said, BNP will show how far the government can run away. We didn’t run away, you ran away. You are hiding in the hole. BNP Jamaat is no more in Rajpath after 29th. Occasional seizures.

The president of the Workers’ Party said that this government will not run away. Under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina, the course of development and progress of this country will move forward through the election in the coming days. This country will stand up to the world as a non-communal country.

He also said that BNP has threatened ahead of schedule announcement. Starting from last 28th until today, cars are being burnt, people are being burnt, people are being attacked on the streets in the name of blockade-hartal.


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