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May BNP-Jamaat come together, stop arson: Prime Minister

May BNP-Jamaat come together, stop arson: Prime Minister
May BNP-Jamaat come together, stop arson: Prime Minister

Highlighting the various crises caused by the blockade program of BNP-Jamaat, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, ‘I will only say that they should be relieved. Stop this destruction and arson.’

On Tuesday (14 November), the Prime Minister spoke at the inauguration and foundation stone laying ceremony of 10 thousand 41 structures under 157 development projects, including Sheikh Hasina Sarani (Poorbachal Expressway) and Chittagong’s first elevated expressway, joined through video conference from her official residence, Gana Bhavan. At that time, 101 districts including the offices of the District Commissioners of 64 districts of the country were connected to the program virtually.

Under these projects, 4 thousand 644 different development infrastructures were inaugurated and foundation stones were laid under 24 ministries and departments at a cost of Tk 97 thousand 471 crore 3 lakh and 5 thousand 397 houses were handed over under the shelter-2 project for the landless and homeless.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina reiterated her promise of free, fair and impartial elections and said, ‘Our election time is near. Maybe within a day or two, the Election Commission will announce the date and time (schedule) of the election. We have ensured the right of people to vote. So people will vote for them freely.’

He pointed to BNP and said, ‘Many do not want to come to the election. Because those who got 30 seats (in 2008) would naturally have no desire to come to the polls. Their attempt is to make the people of Bangladesh suffer by creating an unusual situation by disrupting the election.’

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and guests at the Ganobhaban end of the inauguration ceremony

The Prime Minister said, ‘I know the people of this country were a little at peace, at ease; Development was proceeding rapidly. Burn this blockade and arson at the same time. Just as people’s lives are being disrupted by car fires and bus fires, school-college children are not able to give their final exams properly. Their education is being ruined.’

But during the period of BNP, where the literacy rate was only 45 percent, we have increased the literacy rate to 76.6 percent. Today all children, about 98 percent, go to school. They are trying to disrupt today’, he said.

The Prime Minister expressed optimism and said, ‘I will only say that they are satisfied. Let them stop this destruction. Stop the arson.’

Reiterating the call for united resistance against arson, he said, ‘I will also tell the countrymen that you have to prevent this arson. Everyone has money. In 2013, 14 and later, we saw the arson, the pain and suffering of the victims. So this suffering should not happen to people anymore.’

The Prime Minister said, ‘Today we have got the status of a developing country, we have to implement it. For that, the continuity of the government is also necessary. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister presented the picture of ‘misgovernance by the BNP-Jamaat coalition government’ from 1996 to 2001.

In 1996, Awami League came to the government and found the country as a country of food shortage, he said, there was a food shortage of 4 million metric tons, production was 69 or 79 million metric tons. At that time, his government made the country self-sufficient in food in a short period of time by giving special allocation to research and food production. At that time the price of rice was only 10 rupees. Inflation was 1.50 percent. When he peacefully handed over power to a caretaker government for the first time at the end of his tenure, the country left a surplus of 2.6 million metric tons of food. The subsequent BNP-Jamaat coalition government turned the country into a food shortage country again.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurating the project (Photo: Focus Bangla)

Stating that the Awami League could not come to power in the next election even though it got more votes because it did not agree to the domestic-foreign conspiracy to sell the country’s gas, the head of government said that after that a crisis arose in Bangladesh. Terrorism-Militism-Banglavai-Bombing, Grenade Attacks, Bomb Attacks in 500 Places Simultaneously – These are what the people of Bangladesh have to deal with. Since the elections of October 2001, the people of different areas, including the southern part of the country, have been subjected to brutality and torture similar to the brutality of the Pakistani invasion forces of 1971. Thousands of activists of Awami League were also subjected to such torture. Lawyers were killed, district judges were bombed and even a six-year-old child was not spared from gang rape. Many girls are forced to commit suicide. They have to be evicted from the land due to a case against them. Bangladesh is five times world champion in corruption. And because of this state of emergency comes in the country.

In the 2008 elections, Awami League alone formed the government by winning 233 seats. Pointing out that BNP won 30 seats, he said that Awami League won the 2014 elections too, when there were many attempts to disrupt the elections. BNP-Jamaat alliance started arson in the country. Then they did the same in the 2018 election.

The head of government said, we have been elected repeatedly by people’s votes. Awami League has never formed a government without democratic system.

Awami League President and Prime Minister said that in order for the people to exercise their right to vote properly, the formation of election commission, transparent ballot boxes, voter list with pictures and all the reforms of the election system have been proposed by Awami League. Because, no one else can play with the fate of the people by grabbing the power in the dark of night, that is our goal.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina speaking (Focus Bangla)

He also mentioned that the tremendous development of the country today has been possible because of being in power for a long time.

The Prime Minister said that in 1996, the power generation capacity in the country was 1600 MW; It has now increased to over 28,000 MW. The government has turned on electricity in every house. However, his government increased the production of 1600 megawatts of electricity obtained in 1996 and left it at 4300 megawatts at the time of leaving the power. But the subsequent BNP-Jamaat government brought down the power generation capacity to 3000 MW without increasing the production of a single unit.

The Prime Minister said that in the 14 and a half years of his government, today’s Bangladesh is a changed Bangladesh. No one looks down on Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a prestigious country in the world today. Role model for development.

Project Inauguration Ceremony

He said, ‘We have been able to bring back the status of Bangladesh, which we got after the victory in the liberation war.’ At this time, the Prime Minister expressed gratitude to all those involved in the development of the country and urged the country to move forward and work towards building the Bangladesh of Bangabandhu’s dream by transforming it into a Smart Bangladesh by 2041.

A documentary on the overall development of Bangladesh under the current Awami League government was screened at the event.

Chief Secretary to the Prime Minister. Information Minister Dr. Tofazzal Hossain Mia moderated the event. Hasan Mahmud, Local Government Rural Development and Cooperatives Minister Md Tajul Islam, Health Minister Zahid Malek and Food Minister Sadhan Chandra Majumdar were present on the stage.

11 districts and 60 upazilas have been declared landless and homeless

Reiterating his promise that ‘no one will be landless and homeless in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib’s Bengal’, the prime minister declared that 11 districts and 60 upazilas are completely landless and homeless free. The districts are; Tangail, Munshiganj, Narayanganj, Kishoreganj, Jamalpur, Brahmanbaria, Meherpur, Jhenaidah, Patuakhali, Sylhet and Moulvibazar. With this, the total number of landless and homeless districts in the country stood at 32 and the number of upazilas stood at 394.

The article is in Bengali

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