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Badarganj police station 3 OC transfer in 12 days commotion

Badarganj police station 3 OC transfer in 12 days commotion
Badarganj police station 3 OC transfer in 12 days commotion

An apparent incident of reshuffle of three OCs took place in Rangpur’s Badarganj police station in 12 days. In this incident, there was a commotion in the whole community.

Politicians say that in order to ensure their obedient OC in view of the election, someone moved the crowbar from behind the curtain and made this incident happen.

That complaint has been directed against the local MP. But he denied it.

According to the information received from the Rangpur Superintendent of Police office, Nazrul Islam Majumder joined Badarganj Police Station as Officer-in-Charge (OC) on July 13 this year. But he was transferred on November 2 due to unknown reasons. On that day, Siddikul Islam joined this police station as OC. After 12 days of this incident, Siddiqul Islam was also transferred on November 13. OC Abdul Latif of Taraganj police station of Rangpur has been ordered to join as the new OC. He did not join Badarganj police station till 8 pm on Tuesday (November 14).

OC Abdul Latif, who received the arrest order, said that he will join the Badarganj police station as soon as possible.

Politicians and conscious circles are seeing the incident of three OC transfers in just 12 days differently. He expressed his adverse reaction to this.

Not only the OC of Badarganj police station, OC investigation Shafiul Islam Shafiq was also transferred to Gangachra police station last month.

Badarganj Upazila BNP President Paritosh Chakraborty said that in the upcoming parliamentary elections, the ruling party is frequently changing the OC to get special benefits to bring their subordinate officers to the police station. Government officials are being embarrassed and harassed. In addition, adverse reactions have been created in the public mind.

Joint convener of Rangpur District National Party, former MP Anishul Islam Mandal said, ‘On the special request of local MP of Awami League party, OC is being posted frequently in Badarganj police station and if not liked, he is being dismissed. The main reason for this is the upcoming parliamentary elections. Awami League party local MP Duke Chowdhury is spreading fear among the officials by repeatedly changing the OC of the police station to get special benefits in the election.
Their honor is also lost in this.’

In this regard, local MP Ahsanul Haque Chowdhury Duke said, ‘If the OC has been transferred often, it is a matter of the police department. I have no affiliation with it. The politicians who have accused me of slander are bankrupt. In Badarganj-Taraganj, Prime Minister and boat relations with every people. Some bankrupt and disaffected politicians are afraid of my popularity and are trying to profit by running false campaigns against me. Everyone knows it. It’s not right.’

A former OC of the police station, who was transferred on condition of anonymity, complained that he was transferred from Badarganj police station within a few days of his joining as he did not obey the MP.

The newly transferred OC Siddiqul Islam said that the transfer and joining is the decision of the authorities. We have to act the way they want.’

Additional Superintendent of Police Abu Ashraf Siddiqui said that it is a matter for the authorities. I can’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Rangpur Range DIG Abdul Baten said over the phone that the Superintendent of Police (SP) has transferred the OC of the police station. Only he (SP) can say better about this.

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