The institution in Barisal, which is on the list of election observers, is ‘reputable’.


The organization that has been listed as an observer of the Election Commission in Barisal is a ‘reputable’ organization. No office of the company was found in Barisal. Named as the head of the private organization listed as ‘Society for Rural Need’ (Srapan). A person named Ashraf Hossain. The address of its office is mentioned as House No. 314, Hospital Road, Barisal. However, no office was found at that address on Monday night.

On the third floor of the building, the nameplate of an organization named ‘Utthan’ can be seen. But it is locked. A woman tenant on the third floor of the building said that a few people live here. The name plate of the office is affixed in front.

A person named Ashraf Hossain picked up the phone number mentioned in Utthan’s name. He was asked to know whether there is any private institution called Sarban here. He said, ‘I am the executive director of that organization.’ But when asked why the company has no signboard, he said, ‘Basically it is our sub-office. Our head office is at Baufal Upazila headquarters of Patuakhali. As a result, we are running the activities of the discharge office in the office of emergence.

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