Abul Khair Abdullah took charge of the mayor of Barisal


Mayor Abul Khair Abdullah said in the civic gathering, ‘Today I am taking responsibility for the debt burden of 300 crore rupees. It is the responsibility of the city dwellers. There is only 12 crore rupees in the fund, still I am not disappointed, there is nothing to be disappointed about. We have to work. The promise I made on the eve of the elections to build a new Barisal, I am reiterating today. I am reiterating the promise that people have given me the love, trust and responsibility that I will fulfill with devotion.’

Addressing the officers and employees of the City Corporation, the new mayor said, ‘It is impossible for me alone to build an advanced, modern city. We need your cooperation for this. I do not believe in violence, hatred or discrimination. But I request you to work with honesty and devotion. I request you to ensure that the residents of the city do not suffer, do not suffer, do not suffer from long queues to get services. I want to assure that Barisal City Corporation will be a corruption free institution from today. We will make sure that there is no difficulty in getting the service quickly, we promise. And those who are senior citizens will get priority in providing services. Their dignity will be ensured.’

The article is in Bengali


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