MD No corrupt officer-employee will stay in Biman Bangladesh Airlines: MD

MD No corrupt officer-employee will stay in Biman Bangladesh Airlines: MD
MD No corrupt officer-employee will stay in Biman Bangladesh Airlines: MD

Shafiul Azim, managing director and chief executive of the organization, has announced that no corrupt officials and employees will stay in Biman Bangladesh Airlines. He announced this by unveiling the new logo during the Aviation Security Week on Tuesday (November 14). The organization claims that Biman Bangladesh will be the ‘number one’ airline for the safety of passengers and their goods. Biman MD said to take strict action against the syndicate of corrupt people.

There are several allegations against Biman Bangladesh Airlines including corruption, theft of passengers’ goods. Finally, an expatriate Bangladeshi named Shishir Sarkar was accused of stealing a large amount of gold from Shahjalal International Airport. The passenger who came from Singapore by Bangladesh Biman flight complained that the staff removed the gold ornaments from his hands. Later that gold ornament was not returned to him. Almost a month has passed but the Shishir government’s complaint has not been addressed yet. In the meantime, Biman is starting to observe the safety week.

Shafiul Azim, managing director of the organization, unveiled the new security uniform and cover on Tuesday. At this time he said, unfortunately our own people are getting involved with it. Where there is negligence, where who is involved, I hope it will come forward.

Shafiul Azim said that if anyone is caught in such activities, I will run to the grave to take action against him. He also warned that no one on the plane should do such a dare.

It is said that those who will work in baggage management will be kept under surveillance through body cameras. Sophisticated devices are also being added to ground handling.

The theft of gold from passenger bags, gold disappearing from vaults, sometimes even luggage being lost. Moreover, the incident of a child boarding a flight after breaking the 14-level security has also come to light. It is said that these problems will be solved under this Smart Airlines and Smart Security. Biman MD claims that Biman Bangladesh Airlines can gain trust and confidence if these are implemented. Now waiting to see, how much trust the company can gain in reality.


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