Dhaka action thriller Sohini, Nayak Shubo

Dhaka action thriller Sohini, Nayak Shubo
Dhaka action thriller Sohini, Nayak Shubo


After the popularization of the current OTT platform, as the artists of Dhaka have become interested in acting in web series of Kolkata, the series of Dhaka is also gaining prominence among the artists of Kolkata.

After Anirban Bhattacharya, Kolkata actress Sohini Sarkar is coming to work in a web series in Bangladesh. In that series, he is teaming up with actor Arifin Shubhar.

Anandabazar says that Kolkata-based filmmaker Rahul Mukherjee will produce the web series ‘Lahu’ for Charki platform in Bangladesh.

Rahul said, “This series of mine is devoid of love. After ‘Kishmish’, ‘Dilkhush’ I wanted to do something different. Both the works on the big screen were about love stories. So the love story is a little tired. Besides, I want to break myself, I want to see what else I can do. So I am doing the series. But this much I can say, it is a story of a mother and father.”

Sohini hopes that working on a different kind of story ‘will be great’.

The shooting is going to start from November 18. Apart from Kolkata, there will be several shooting locations in Shillong.

A few days ago there was news that Bangladesh OTT platform ‘Charki’ is going to set foot in West Bengal, India within two years of its establishment.

As Kolkata makers will create independent content on this platform in the future, a movie-series will be made jointly with artists from two Bengals in ‘Charki’.

Redwan Roni, Chief Executive Officer of Charki, said that after the launch of Charki in Kolkata, the subscription process will become easier.

Last August, 12 directors took the initiative to make 12 love movies under Charki’s ‘Ministry of Love’ project. Similarly, ‘Charki’ wants to make a movie with directors in Kolkata.

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