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Khulna Chest Hospital is running smoothly

Khulna Chest Hospital is running smoothly
Khulna Chest Hospital is running smoothly

The ceiling above is cracked, the patient below, the plaster of the ceiling is falling off. This is how the Khulna Divisional Thoracic Hospital located on the banks of Bhairav ​​River is running. Where the people of 21 districts are treated only by the government for tuberculosis and TB patients. However, just as hospitalized patients are taking medical care at the risk of their lives, doctors, nurses, wardboys and others are risking their lives to serve the patients.

The 7 residential buildings of the hospital have been abandoned for a long time. And in these abandoned buildings hangout of drug addicts. Various crimes including drug paraphernalia are being sold in abandoned buildings.

On the surface, it can be seen that the plaster of the ceiling of all the wards and rooms of the dilapidated two-storey building of the hospital has fallen off. Building roofs are extremely vulnerable to damp. Khulna Health Engineering Directorate (HED) has already declared the building as extremely dangerous.

Besides, the toilets designated for patients have become unusable. Most of the water taps near the toilet are ineffective. Due to which inter-departmental admission patients have to suffer a lot. Besides, the hospital does not have any test equipment other than blood, X-ray, ECG. The rest of the tests have to be done on an outpatient basis. Which is very difficult for poor patients.

Due to these reasons, the reluctance of patients to receive medical care by being admitted to the hospital is increasing. As a result, the number of admitted patients is decreasing day by day.

Maleha Begum, a relative of a patient undergoing treatment in the inter-department of the hospital, said that even though the sun shines during the day, there is a damp condition. See that the roof of the hospital has burst and the plaster is falling off the rod. And what about the dust? The country is modern and developing, but why is this old hospital in such a bad condition? As a common man, I strongly request the concerned higher authorities to take immediate action.

Khulna chest disease hospital medical supervisor Dr. Pradeep Chandra Mandal said, We have written to the higher authorities several times for renovation or new building of the hospital. But no effective action was taken. I heard that a new building will be constructed here from the Public Works Department. But I can’t say the exact time.

Khulna Divisional Health Director Dr. Manjurul Murshid said, I am aware of the matter. All official activities for the new building needs have already been completed. Now the problem will be solved if quick action is taken from public works. Hopefully the work will start in a few days.

It should be noted that Khulna Chest Hospital with 100 beds was built on 7 acres of land in 1965 during the government of Pakistan. A few nominal reforms have been made but no major effective reforms have been made. The 58-year-old hospital building is currently dilapidated and in a very precarious condition.

(Dhaka Times/November 14/EH)

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