The reasons for which Bangladesh is so full


If it is said that a century is the root of Bangladesh’s collapse in this World Cup, you may be surprised. The century against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup won that match, but considering its long-term impact, there is no more ‘damaging’ century in Bangladesh cricket. Mehdi Hasan Miraj’s century is the root of such confusion in this World Cup. The batting order that has been relatively stable in the last one-and-a-half years has been disrupted by bringing Mirage up. Having established himself at number three, Nazmul Hasan has been the team’s most consistent batsman for a long time before the World Cup. How Hathuru-Sakib came up with the idea of ​​removing him from there is a mystery. It is clear in Shakib-Hathuru’s conversation that thinking about the right-left-hand combination played a big role in it. Which is not known to be practiced by any team other than Bangladesh.
Only because Nazmul and Miraj were promoted, the place of all other batsmen in the team also moved. This may be done in one or two matches depending on the opponent’s bowling or match conditions, but if this ‘irregularity’ becomes the rule, then the batsmen would not have a specific batting order. After the last match against Australia, Nazmul Hasan, the captain of that match, finally admitted that it was a mistake. Otherwise, why would you say, it is better to do less in the future, it is better if not.’

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