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Russian warship in Chittagong port after 50 years

Russian warship in Chittagong port after 50 years
Russian warship in Chittagong port after 50 years

Three ships of Russia’s Pacific fleet have arrived at Chittagong port. This is the first time in the last 50 years that a Russian warship arrived at the port of Bangladesh. The state news agency TAS reported this information on Sunday.

Among the ships of the Russian fleet in Bangladesh’s main seaport are two submarine-destroying warships. Their names are ‘Admiral Tributs’ and ‘Admiral Panteleyev’. Besides, there are three fuel tankers named ‘Pechenga’.

After independence, some Russian warships carried out a special operation to de-mine the Chittagong port. In this regard, the Russian ambassador to Bangladesh, Alexander Mantitonki, told Taske that the Russian warships came to protect a newly independent country in 1971. After the war of independence, there were many mines in the waters of Chittagong port. Many ships were sunk there.

The Russian ambassador said that Bangladesh authorities sought help from many countries to solve the mine problem at that time. A few countries agreed to help in return for huge sums of money. But Bangladesh was short of money at that time. Only the Soviet Union came forward with humanitarian aid then.

Russian Honorary Consul in Chittagong Ashiq Imran said that the Russian ships have come to Bangladesh on a friendly visit. He said, the visit of Russian warships to Bangladesh is proof that the relationship between Bangladesh and Russia is at a very high level.

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