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The reasons for which Bangladesh is so full

The reasons for which Bangladesh is so full
The reasons for which Bangladesh is so full

How was the World Cup in Bangladesh – you and I do not need to discuss that. Captain Shakib Al Hasan himself has admitted that this is the worst World Cup in Bangladesh. That is also when.

Shakib’s confession after losing against Netherlands. Barring a much-hyped win due to a timed out in one of the next three matches, there seems to be no chance of seeing this World Cup any other way.

Yes, there have been worse World Cups in terms of wins. Bangladesh did not win a single match in 2003 World Cup. Started with a loss against Canada, ended with a loss against Kenya. However, in terms of the number of defeats, it has surpassed that. There are two pools of 7 teams in the 14-team World Cup. However, no team had the chance to lose more than 6 matches. Bangladesh lost 7 matches in this World Cup of playing with everyone.

The loss against the Netherlands hurt the Bangladeshi fans more

That’s not the only reason why this World Cup feels so timely. In 2003 World Cup, Bangladesh did not have any big hopes, this time there was a dream of semi-finals. The team that qualified for the World Cup by finishing third in the ICC Super League can only dream of being in the top four. However, in that World Cup, tickets to play in the Champions Trophy from eight have to be considered a big deal! Where did Bangladesh lose its way?

When a big event like the World Cup comes, the emptiness of Bangladeshi cricket comes out clearly. Out comes the skeleton of unprofessionalism and mismanagement. All these are major contributors to failure. But for now, keeping those aside, let’s talk about the mistakes of this World Cup only –

Last July, Tamim Iqbal said goodbye to international cricket

The beginning is before the World Cup

The seed of doom has been sown even before the beginning. In other words, on the day of Tamim Iqbal’s sudden retirement announcement. Keeping this World Cup in front, the captain of almost two and a half years had roughly prepared the ODI team. The series win against South Africa on South African soil is the biggest proof of that. What happened next does not seem necessary to tell anyone again. Within a day, Tamim’s decision to retire appeared to be a temporary solution to the problem. What has happened since Shakib became the captain, maybe one day will surely come to light, what has come to light is enough to suggest the worst possible scenario before this World Cup. Tamim showed the courtesy of waiting at least until the Bangladesh team left the country to come on Facebook Live to explain his position. There was no personal attack on anyone. Whereas Shakib Al Hasan’s interview given to a television channel was full of sarcasm-mockery-slander towards Tamim. In that interview, Shakib spoke in the language, in the manner; It is hard to believe that a captain can say that before coming to play in the World Cup. Arguably the best batsman in Bangladesh cricket history, a long time captain of the team, such personal attacks cannot but have an effect on the team players. Shakib himself was later forced to admit. After such an ugly controversy, it would be the eighth wonder if Bangladesh did well in this World Cup. Tamim, the opener, was not expected to miss.

Experimentation with the batting order is one of the reasons for Bangladesh’s collapse in the World Cup

‘Madness’ over batting order

If it is said that a century is the root of Bangladesh’s collapse in this World Cup, you may be surprised. The century against Afghanistan in the Asia Cup won that match, but considering its long-term impact, there is no more ‘damaging’ century in Bangladesh cricket. Mehdi Hasan Miraj’s century is the root of such confusion in this World Cup. The batting order that has been relatively stable in the last one-and-a-half years has been disrupted by bringing Mirage up. Having established himself at number three, Nazmul Hasan has been the team’s most consistent batsman for a long time before the World Cup. How Hathuru-Sakib came up with the idea of ​​removing him from there is a mystery. It is clear in Shakib-Hathuru’s conversation that thinking about the right-left-hand combination played a big role in it. Which is not known to be practiced by any team other than Bangladesh.
Only because Nazmul and Miraj were promoted, the place of all other batsmen in the team also moved. This may be done in one or two matches depending on the opponent’s bowling or match conditions, but if this ‘irregularity’ becomes the rule, then the batsmen would not have a specific batting order. After the last match against Australia, Nazmul Hasan, the captain of that match, finally admitted that it was a mistake. Otherwise, why would you say, it is better to do less in the future, it is better if not.’

Bangladesh’s pacers have failed to live up to expectations

Faded Pacercool

The biggest and most positive change in Bangladesh cricket during Tamim’s captaincy has to be the emergence of the pacers from their perpetual spin-reliance and becoming a real force. which was headed by Taskin. Being trusted in the middle overs and getting knocked out with an injury is a big blow before the World Cup. Taskin was also probably not 100% fit in any match. The rest of the pacers are similarly lackluster. Despite getting a chance to play a match, only Tanzim Ahmed managed to spread a bit of a pacer.

The Bangladesh team, which is used to playing in Mirpur, cannot make much of an advantage outside

and Mirpur

Because the pacers are so weak, the wicket also has a big role! Mirpur-centered Bangladesh Cricket World Cup batting-paradise will come to the wicket, it is natural. Barring the first match against Afghanistan, Bangladesh have played on wickets where the margin for error is very low. A four or a six if the ball is slightly to and fro. Bowling on such a wicket takes practice. Same problem with spinners. If you remember the Netherlands match, the Dutch spinners also turned the ball much more than the Bangladeshi spinners. In Mirpur, you only need to release the ball, the wicket does the rest. The problem is not only with the bowlers, there is a different art to batting on such run-prone wickets. While ODI cricket has long gone into the era of 350-60 runs, Bangladesh is still stuck in the 250-260 run cycle. Mirpur is also responsible for the World Cup disaster.
Mirpur has nothing to do. BCB is responsible.

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