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Puja of ‘Shyama Mayer’ in colorful arrangements in anticipation of auspiciousness

Puja of ‘Shyama Mayer’ in colorful arrangements in anticipation of auspiciousness
Puja of ‘Shyama Mayer’ in colorful arrangements in anticipation of auspiciousness


Shyama Puja, also known as Kali Puja in Bengali-speaking regions, is the second largest religious festival of the Hindu community, with thousands of lamps lit to wish for the well-being of the country and the nation.

Shyama Puja or Kali Puja is usually performed on Amavasya Tithi in the month of Kartik. Accordingly, on Sunday evening, the ritual of worship begins with the lighting of the lamp. The main puja starts after 8 pm, which will continue till dawn.

Chandranath Poddar, General Secretary of Bangladesh Puja Celebration Parishad, could not give a precise account of how many temples and temples are performing Kali Puja in the country this year.

He told, “Many people perform Kali Puja at home personally, and it is also done in temples and mandaps. As a result, it is not possible to tell the exact statistics of how many places are being worshipped.”

According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga is a manifestation of power in the form of Kali. The name Kali is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘kala’. Kali Puja is the worship of Shakti. The main theme is the victory of good forces by defeating all the evil forces in the world. Goddess Kali is known to her devotees by various names including Shyama, Adya Maa, Tara Maa, Chamundi, Bhadrakali, Devi Mahamaya.

Dhakeswari temple priest Rajiv Chakraborty told, “Kali Puja is Shyama Maa Puja. Maa has ten forms. Different places are worshiped in different forms. Here we are worshiping Maa in Dakshinakali form.”

According to folklore – Kali is the presiding deity of the crematorium. Because of this, crematoriums along with Mahadhumdham are also held in crematoriums in different regions.

Like Durga Puja, Kali Puja is also worshiped by making a small idol in the house or mandap. Kali is also worshiped in stone idols or idols installed in temples or homes. In the middle of the night worship is done by chanting mantras in Tantric style. However, the goddess is usually worshiped in the domestic house in the form of Adyashakti Kali according to Atantric Brahmanism.

Priest Rajiv Chakraborty said, Pujas are held at various places from 8 pm onwards, and it is early morning. The next day some people sacrificed the idol. Some give up after a day or two.

On the day of Kali Puja, the Hindu community remembers heavenly parents and relatives by lighting lamps in their homes and crematoriums in the evening. This ritual is Diwali.

From the afternoon, priests are busy preparing for worship in some temples of Dhaka including Dhakeshwari temple. Pilgrims also started coming from afternoon, after evening the crowd started to increase.

Devotees come and light the lamp and convey good wishes to Mother Kali. Deepali Chakraborty from Dhanmondi said, “In the puja, I prayed for the well-being of all, for the fighting to stop among people. Peace returns to the world.”

Later in the evening, Swami Purnatmanandaji Maharaj, Principal of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission inaugurated the Puja at Dhakeshwari Temple.

This time the puja is being held in the middle of the political blockade program, as a result of which the law and order forces are also seen on high alert. Adequate security arrangements are visible at Dhakeshwari Temple.

Chandranath Poddar, general secretary of the Puja Udjajar Parishad, said that the Puja is being held peacefully all over the country, “We had called upon the political parties to withdraw the blockade program on the day of the Puja. But they did not listen to that call. As a result, there is a kind of uncomfortable situation. But till the evening.” Pujas are going on in a peaceful atmosphere across the country. Hope the devotees celebrate the Puja well.”

Dhakeshwari National Temple, Ramana Temple, Ramakrishna Mission and Math, Siddheshwari Kali Temple, Sri Sri Baradeshwari Kalimata Temple under Sabuj Bagh Thana, Radha Gobind Jeon Tagore Temple of Old Dhaka, Postagola Mahasmashan, Tanti Bazar, Shakhari Bazar, Banglabazar and various mandaps and temples and personal Kali Puja at home. being

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