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Bangladesh will overcome all obstacles

Bangladesh will overcome all obstacles
Bangladesh will overcome all obstacles

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called upon the countrymen to face any situation with courage. He said, Bangladesh should move forward by facing all obstacles like arson.

He said these things at a public meeting organized by Awami League at Mosleh Uddin Stadium in Narsingdi on Sunday (November 12).

Earlier, the Prime Minister inaugurated the Ghorashal-Palash Urea Fertilizer Factory, which is the largest in Southeast Asia and has an annual production capacity of 9 lakh 24 thousand metric tons of fertilizer, which is eco-friendly, energy efficient and based on modern technology.

Addressing BNP, Sheikh Hasina said, when will their consciousness return, sense of responsibility towards the people of the country?

He said, just as we deal with natural disasters, we will definitely take Bangladesh forward by overcoming fire or man-made disasters. I will tell the countrymen to face any situation with courage.

Pointing out that Awami League could not come to power in 2001 due to domestic-foreign conspiracy, Sheikh Hasina said that then Khaleda Zia (BNP chairperson) gave a guarantee for the sale of gas (to foreigners). I didn’t do that. If I agreed to that plot, I could not have done this fertilizer factory.

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He said, the country’s wealth should be sold and come to power – Bangabandhu’s daughter does not suffer from that misery. Power is not important to me, the welfare of the people of the country is important. We have given the country the status of a developing country. Future Bangladesh will be smart; Which will never go back.

The Chief Minister said that during the BNP government, the farmers protested for fertiliser. They were shot dead in various areas including Mahimaganj in Gaibandha and Ghatail in Tangail for asking for fertiliser. At that time I promised that the farmers will not have to run for fertilizer. Fertilizer will reach the farmer’s house. That’s why after coming to the government in 2009, no matter how difficult it was, we did not allow any shortage of fertilizer.

Referring to the killing of 20 people by firing on protestors demanding electricity at a concert in Chapainawabganj, he said that after coming to power, the Awami League government has built one power plant in the private sector and one in the government. But unfortunately, BNP started arson in 2013. Burns the power plant. The engineer working there was burnt to death in that fire. This is how the wealth of the country was destroyed one by one at that time. Now again they have started arson like then.

Industry Minister Nurul Majid Mahmud Humayun, State Minister for Industry Kamal Ahmed Majumder, local parliament member Anwarul Ashraf Khan and senior secretary of the Ministry of Industry Zakia Sultana also addressed the rally.

Energy efficient and environment friendly Ghorashal-Palash Urea Fertilizer Factory will produce 9 lakh 24 thousand tons of fertilizer annually. Which is 35 percent of the country’s total urea demand. Through this, Bangladesh will save about Tk 7000 crore annually in the import of urea fertilizer. This fertilizer factory will play a role in ensuring food security as there is a high demand for urea fertilizer in food production in the country. The new factory can produce more urea than the previous two factories with the same amount of gas required in the old two factories at Palash and Ghorashal.

The total expenditure for the implementation of this fertilizer factory project is 15 thousand 500 crores. This includes foreign debt of Tk 10,920 crore, which will take 10 years to repay. It has the capacity to produce 2 thousand 800 tons of fertilizer per day.

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