Inauguration of Ghorashal-Palash Urea Fertilizer Factory

Inauguration of Ghorashal-Palash Urea Fertilizer Factory
Inauguration of Ghorashal-Palash Urea Fertilizer Factory

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated Ghorashal-Palash Urea Fertilizer Factory.

He inaugurated this factory at 12:45 pm on Sunday (November 12). Earlier, the Prime Minister reached there around 12 noon.

It is known that 9 lakh 24 thousand tons of fertilizer will be produced annually in this energy efficient and environment friendly fertilizer factory. Through this, Bangladesh will save about Tk 7000 crore annually in the import of urea fertilizer.

Zakia Sultana, senior secretary of the Ministry of Industry, said in a press conference on the occasion of the inauguration of the factory last Thursday (November 9), that the demand for urea fertilizer in the country is 2.6 million tons per year. Fertilizer production target from local factories is 10 lakh tons. The rest has to be imported. Fertilizer production in the country will increase a lot with the launch of Ghorashal-Palash Urea Fertilizer Factory. This will save about 7000 crores of foreign currency from the money spent on importing fertilizers from abroad.

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He also said that the factory is energy efficient and environment friendly. This fertilizer factory will play a role in ensuring food security as there is a high demand for urea fertilizer in food production in the country. With the same amount of gas used in the old factories of Palash and Ghorasal, the new factory can produce more urea than the previous two factories.

Photo: Focus Bangla

It should be noted that the total expenditure for the implementation of this fertilizer factory project is 15 thousand 500 crores. This includes foreign debt of Tk 10,920 crore, which will take 10 years to repay. The Ghorashal-Palash Urea Fertilizer Factory has a daily production capacity of 2,800 tons of fertilizer.

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