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‘I am being blackmailed by artificial intelligence’

‘I am being blackmailed by artificial intelligence’
‘I am being blackmailed by artificial intelligence’

An offensive video of a professor of management department of Dhaka University has gone viral. There is a storm of criticism among the teachers and students of the department. However, the teacher claimed that this incident was blackmail through artificial intelligence.

That teacher’s name is Ali Akkas. He is a professor in the management department of Dhaka University. He is also a member of DU Teachers Association.

On condition of anonymity, a management professor said, “This is a very shameful incident. It is a shame for our teaching society that such an offensive issue of a university teacher has come to the fore. This incident has also damaged the honor of our department.’

Another professor of business faculty, who did not wish to be named, said, ‘This act of sir is very sad. Shame on our university.’

In this regard, Professor Ali Akkas said, ‘This is the incident of last month. I am not the person in the video. Added a picture from my Facebook to the video. I am being blackmailed through artificial intelligence.’

He said, ‘I was threatened by an account on Messenger. I was never associated with any of these, not yet. I have performed Hajj, I will retire next year. At this time some of my enemies have done this to destroy my honor.’

He also said, I filed a case in the police station last October. They investigated and found that the matter was handled through a fake account from India.’


The article is in Bengali


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