Annapurna returned after 10 years

Annapurna returned after 10 years
Annapurna returned after 10 years

November 3 on the calendar. Aniket Chowdhury, Ahana and their team set off from Deurali after dawn. On this way, Ahana saw the first snowfall. He took pictures with the mountain dogs on the way. From Deurali to Machhpushare base camp (3 thousand 720 meters) all reach Annapurna base camp, whose height is 4 thousand 130 meters. After walking for seven hours, everyone got a chance to touch Annapurna. Then the temperature went to minus. Aniket Chowdhury and his daughter Ahana burst into excitement while reporting this information. They said, ‘A lot of waterfalls can be seen on the way to Annapurna. Many waterfalls have to be crossed on foot. And all around was silent. I didn’t get such time anymore.’

On November 4, Ahnara was on his way back. They traveled all the way and returned to Pokhara on November 6. After that pass the time by seeing various important buildings of Pokhara city, market, Mahadev cave, fountains. Everyone came to Bangladesh at noon on November 9.

Ahna has traveled such a long way without mother Mehzabin Ibana. But the mother had no worries. Mehjabin told Prothom Alo, ‘Ahana is very strong mentally. We have gone to various places in the country with him. He can walk a long way; Rather, I was a little worried about his father. But Annapurna has returned with success.’ Ahna also said that in the future she wants to go trekking in more places.

Mohammad Mohiuddin, the founder of Ropfour Outdoor Education, who managed Ahna’s trip, said Ahna was very fresh throughout the trip. On the contrary, he has provided inspiration to everyone in the team.

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