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There is a conspiracy to hand over the garment business to other countries: Rizvi

There is a conspiracy to hand over the garment business to other countries: Rizvi
There is a conspiracy to hand over the garment business to other countries: Rizvi

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said that there is a conspiracy to hand over the country’s garment business to other countries. He made this complaint in a virtual press conference on Sunday (November 11) afternoon.

Rizvi said, ‘The government is very cleverly implementing the blue-plan to destroy the garment industry, the major sector of the country that earns the most foreign exchange. Last Saturday at the instigation of the government, the owners of 150 garment factories have closed indefinitely. The police filed a case against 11 thousand workers for protesting their fair demands. The whole economy has been destroyed.’

He said, ‘Not only the political leaders of the opposition party, but the professionals, laborers, workers and even the garment workers are not safe from this government. Till date, 4 workers have been killed by the police on the agitating garment workers for the fair demand of salary increase.

Rizvi said, ‘The government has started the festival of disappearances again like in the past. In every city-port and township, white-clad people are now in bone-chilling fear. The environment is scary all around as if an invading force has attacked the heart of Bangladesh.’

He also said, ‘All around are frozen mountains of tears. The mountain of tears is getting higher every day. For 15 years, the cry is coming down from the mountain of tears. And the curses of people in the crossfire and missing people are pouring out. Day and night they (those in white) move around like Nazi forces in black glass covered microbuses. They are taking away the democrats. Common people are not spared from them. RAB-Police name bearers, if they do not find the Awami Police League agitating opposition party leaders and workers, their parents, sons and children, brothers and sisters and relatives are also taken and kept invisible, taken away and denied.’

Referring to the incident of being picked up without an arrest warrant, he said that this so-called police league is taking hostages and collecting ransom like terrorists. They brought water from the bathroom and poured it on all the beds in the house without finding the opposition party leaders. Daldas police forces throughout the country are arresting and torturing thousands of BNP leaders and activists at wholesale rates without warrants or in absentia cases. Many are being picked up and held in captivity, hammered from the waist to the soles of their feet, and shot and maimed, which is grossly inhumane, which Bangladesh is a signatory of the United Nations Committee Against Torture (Committee Against Torture-CAT) and the International Consortium Against Torture United Against Torture (UNT). (UAT) is an atrocious crime against the people. which is triable and punishable by international courts.

Addressing the law and order forces, Rizvi said, ‘You will not be an opponent of the people’s spontaneous movement to get the right to vote. Democracy cannot stop the tide of people. Former Chhatra League leaders who are now threatening democracy activists as police officers, fearing that everyone will be arrested, should withdraw from their anti-people position. Otherwise take off the dignified uniform of the police and join the Awami League and take to the streets. Do not act recklessly on behalf of party and illegitimate state power to wipe out protesting people who are oppressed by misrule. What are you doing? The people of Bangladesh are keeping all the accounts. The people are deciding what will happen to you in the coup d’état.’

The article is in Bengali


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