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‘Prepare, plan or aim; There was none of Bangladesh’

‘Prepare, plan or aim; There was none of Bangladesh’
‘Prepare, plan or aim; There was none of Bangladesh’

Mohammad Rafiq spoke openly with The Business Standard about the reasons for failure in the World Cup, Hathurusingha’s role in the Bangladesh team, the controversy surrounding Tamim Iqbal before the World Cup and many more.

There are still three matches left, but Shakib Al Hasan is tired of losing. Bangladesh captain said that this is the worst World Cup in Bangladesh’s memory. 2 wins in 9 matches, Bangladesh’s worst performance in the last five World Cups. The team lost consecutively, they could not even put up a minimum fight in any match.

What is the reason for such a flood? After the match against Netherlands, Shakib said in a ‘helpless’ manner, because he did not know. However, according to him, there was a lack of preparation. After the World Cup, Nazmul Hossain Shanto said that there was a chance to improve even without making so many changes in the batting order.

Mohammad Rafiq agrees with these two cricketers of Bangladesh. However, the former spinner of the national team added that there was a lack of planning and not setting targets. According to him, preparations, plans or goals for the World Cup; None of them were from Bangladesh. Apart from this, Rafiq spoke openly with The Business Standard about Chandika Hathurusingha’s role in the Bangladesh team, the controversy surrounding Tamim Iqbal before the World Cup and many other issues.

Assessment of Bangladesh’s performance

There is nothing to evaluate, in fact there is no room for evaluation. We had a very bad World Cup. A team can lose, but there are many positives in it. There is nothing in Bangladesh this time. We couldn’t even fight a losing match, that’s the biggest failure. Batting failure has hurt Bangladesh the most, while there was room for improvement in bowling.

cause of failure

The main thing is that Bangladesh did not have that kind of preparation for the World Cup. I am talking about preparation especially because preparation is more important before such an event. In case of other teams, you will see that preparations start years in advance. They have a plan, we will practice with them, if there is a series in between, we will play with them. But we have the opposite. Bangladesh played how many players in the six months before the World Cup? How much has changed? So where is the preparation or planning! Will you find the World Cup player in six months or a year? In between you have changed and played at least 25-30 players.

We didn’t aim for the World Cup, there was no aim. The World Cup was just the word, nothing else. To take part, took part; This may have been the case for Bangladesh. Looking at other countries it seems so. How early do they start preparing? They stick to the plan. Look around India, Pakistan or Sri Lanka, how many players have they changed in a year? And how much Bangladesh has changed in six months..! prepare, plan or aim; None of them were from Bangladesh.

If you change like this, you can say that there was preparation? You will have to prepare 20 players, 15 will be in the squad, five stand by. Alternatives can be taken from here. But we had no such plans. So how did you think? I would say preparation as the main reason for overcrowding. Management didn’t bother about it. They thought like a series game. This collapse is due to lack of preparation and planning. There was no plan.

Impact of many changes in the batting order

If he is a batsman he needs preparation. That too mentally. If someone is an opener, he prepares like that. If one knows that he will bat for seven, he will prepare accordingly. But if you don’t know where to play, performance will be affected. Bangladesh has changed the batting order a lot this time, it definitely has an impact. It should also be included in the cause of failure.

Changes in the coaching staff

Chandika Hathurusinghe has already worked in Bangladesh, what else can she do? Bangladesh team needs new people (coach). When someone new comes, they will talk about new techniques, work differently. But Bangladesh has gone behind. Bangladesh has fallen into it.

A lot of times there are bad times in the midst of winning, that’s a different story. But if someone has been in the party for a long time, what else will he give! He has nothing more to give. When someone new comes, he will try to do things differently, make new plans. Challenges will work within him to bring good results or improve the team. Will arrange the plan in own term. But we are working with what is old.

Hathurusingh’s role and activities in the Bangladesh team

Only Bangladesh team gives such freedom to coaches. He has done a lot besides sideline senior cricketers, he has been given a lot of power. It is only possible in Bangladesh. Not only Hathurusingha but many others have been given. Some even took up the responsibility of selectors. But he came to earn money. Foreigners will come and go; But we, the players of our country, will remain. We have to figure it out. But we don’t have that thought. And is he someone special or who will win the World Cup with responsibility? What he has to give, he has already given in the previous term. What else do you expect from him? If he is such a great coach, why no other country calls him? Why did his country Sri Lanka leave him?

Controversy surrounding Tamim Iqbal and Shakib Al Hasan’s ‘controversial’ interview

I watch the game as a fan. We don’t know the inside news. As it comes in newspaper or TV, we know that. However, what seems to be the problem is from BCB’s side. It is not uncommon for this whole incident to have an impact on performances at the World Cup. A conflict has arisen with BCB from player to player. But the family has a guardian, he has to handle these things. If you cannot accommodate these, then there is no need to sit there. When we played, there was never such a dirty situation with board officials or players. I have never seen in my life. The whole incident has definitely had an impact on the World Cup. Because cricket is a mental game. If an insect enters the white head, you cannot work. You cannot do two things at the same time.

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