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There is a blockade, there is no blockade

There is a blockade, there is no blockade
There is a blockade, there is no blockade

On Sunday, it was eleven o’clock in the morning. It’s sunny outside. Such a day does not understand the siege outside. When I entered Kutum Gali from Agargaon Janata Housing in the capital, I saw a police van. It was 11:10 when I crossed Kutumgali and reached Jamil Road. This street of Taltala is always crowded with people. There is no way to understand the blockade today. Human movement is normal. Shops lined the sidewalk. The noise of people in the fish market. The fish is feeding on the fish. What is the difference between man and fly in the day of high prices of everyday goods? Such a question entered the head.

The hotel restaurant has been opened. After Baitul Mamur Jame Masjid is on the left hand side is the raw market. Curious to know the price of potatoes? The shopkeeper said 10 rupees decreased. Now 60 rupees. How much is onion? 130 Imported from India why the price has not decreased? Eyes went to hilsa fish. Three hilsa fishes reach approximately 1 kg. 800 taka per kg.

BNP and other like-minded parties are holding a 48-hour nationwide blockade for the fourth phase of the country-wide election to bring down the Awami League government.

Photo: Ittefaq

Today is the first day of the fourth phase of the blockade. Another police car came into view while crossing the Agargaon government quarter. A senior official. Passed by and looked at the fruit shops. Enthusiastically, I asked, how much is the price of the box? One hundred rupees. How easily people have forgotten about dengue? 8 people died yesterday.

When I reached Agargaon main road it was exactly 11:30. Another big police lorry after crossing the road. There are no policemen in the car. Seeing so many police cars, it was clear the air of siege.

Mecca Birani House is crowded. I am almost overcome by the smell of Tehari. I get hungry. Public transport is leaving from Mirpur. Gulistan is the destination of some of them and Jatrabari of others. I sat in a car. The name of the car is Ayat. Jatrabari will leave from the zoo.

Mahabbat Ali, the driver of Ayat Transport from Zoo to Sayedabad-Shani Akhra, said that there are few passengers during the blockade but the road is empty. Driving comfortably. Get off at Agargaon Chaurasta junction from Ayat Paribahan. Less human traffic. But public transport is also seen.

A vehicle of Baisakhi Paribahan leaving from Gabtali was seen carrying only three passengers. Their destination is Bhatara via Gulshan. Talked there with some bus drivers and passengers. Masud, driver of Shikar Paribahan of Jatrabari-Mirpur route, said that driving will be necessary during the blockade. Or the Bus Owners Association has said it will stop the route permit. I was forced to go down the street.

Photo: Ittefaq

A university student who went to Banglamotor said that he went out for urgent work. Opposition parties can carry out any program peacefully. But where is the end of this suffering of ordinary people? We want peace.

Idris Mia, the driver of the Azimpur-bound Mirpur Super Link in the capital, said, “Don’t listen to the blockade anymore.” I went out in fear. I am driving carefully. Less passengers. The car was set on fire last night. I’m afraid

A private employee named Bahrul Bashar said that even if he does not go to the government office, he will go through the siege. They have public transport services. The danger is ours. If you don’t go to the office, you won’t get paid. No one sees our pain. No government. They exist for the sake of their power.

After talking to the driver and passengers in Shikar Paribahan, I came to Khamarbari intersection. Two passengers got down but another passenger got into the car. A total of 15-20 passengers in a 42-seat car.

It was 12:20 when I got down at Farmgate. Public transport is minimal. No such farmgate structure is seen. The motorcycle is a sight to behold. Besides, few private cars were also seen in this busiest area of ​​the city. There also talked with some other drivers and passengers.

Motijheel-bound BRTC bus driver Taher said that the roads were completely empty. People are not panicking. Government institutions, government vehicles. We need to get out. A 65-year-old passenger said that the blockade will continue like a blockade. We will act like ordinary public. We brothers do not understand so many blockades. Let the opposition go and sit with the government. Let’s discuss them. Why should we say power sharing?

Photo: Ittefaq

Talking like this, I don’t understand when I reached Karuran Bazar intersection. Get down there. A mess is seen in front of Sonargaon Hotel. I went there. A tired pedestrian was seen. He injured his leg while crossing the road. He said, brother, I am in danger. we have no peace

Board the Labbayek Paribahan bound for Moghbazar from Karwan Bazar. Talk to the driver-passenger. Sharif, a passenger going to Malibagh, said that the opposition has called a blockade for the election. But no one suffers from our suffering? Some cars are seen in Banglamotor area. There are rows of ride-sharing motorcycles. Talk to them.

A ride sharing driver named Mahidul said, I went out in the morning. Only 200 rupees. And if there was no blockade, I could have earned 2 thousand rupees. While talking, the car reached Moghbazar. I got out of the car and saw the rickshaw traffic. Talk to them.

A rickshaw driver named Badal Kazi said, I can’t market. Income is less in the blockade. no people The price of rice is 70 rupees. Potato 70 taka. What are we Khamu? No one thinks about these things. Only blockades and blockades. They demanded to reduce the price of goods.

Incidentally, BNP has been carrying out blockade-like programs ever since the October 28 general meeting. During several phases of the blockade, clashes, vandalism and burning of vehicles took place in various places including Dhaka. Hundreds of leaders and activists of opposition parties including BNP have been arrested by law and order forces across the country.

The article is in Bengali

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