Bangladesh is always awake in his vision

Bangladesh is always awake in his vision
Bangladesh is always awake in his vision


His pictures are remarkable for the harmony of artistic sensibility with natural erudition. At the same time a socially conscious approach; A harmonious sense of beauty with a sympathetic attitude towards deprived life. Due to these coordination and harmony, restraint and sense of moderation in the use of lines and colors became evident in his paintings. Since realistic painting is the main characteristic of the artist, the unusual assemblage of colors becomes noticeable in his paintings from the point of view of reality. As a result, colors are sometimes applied naturally, sometimes in a sophisticated and refined manner. And within this variety of colors lies their sense of unity and lightness.

The colors of his paintings are so delicate, transparent and vibrant; So sensitive and beautiful. The use of black in his paintings often creates a certain dimension. It is not that black is always used as a complementary color to darkness or mesh; Sometimes it becomes an aesthetic determinant of coloration.

Most significant is the compositional skill of Rafiqun Nabi. How much area of ​​the canvas will be left empty, how much area will cover the image and motif, how will the void area be combined with the filled area, where will it be attractive if any object is placed on the canvas, where will the light source on the canvas, sufficient light-air circulation system How to preserve—in these matters the artist always proceeds by careful planning. In this case, his design technique becomes very simple, juicy, generous and relaxed. He first got this quality of simplicity and brevity from Zainul Abedin. Apart from this, his regular practice of creating his own cartoons has also brought simplicity to his design techniques. Another inevitable aspect of such skill-quality is the creation of drama. He resorted to dramatic sensibilities to relieve the monotony of the subject. And he does it through lighting, through the creation of a distinctive pose of the figure or through the arrangement of a motif on the canvas.

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