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Rumors of Major Hafiz leaving BNP, what Rumin said


The practice of joining new parties and leaving old ones before elections is not new in Bangladeshi politics. Various issues are created with it. Just like this, the rumors have started before the 12th parliamentary elections. Not only that, the election schedule will be announced after a few days. There is tension between the political parties around this.

Barrister Rumin Farhana, former Member of Parliament and BNP’s International Affairs Co-Editor recently participated in a private television talk show on contemporary issues of current country’s politics. There, the former member of parliament spoke openly about many internal issues of the party.

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At that time, the presenter wants to know from Barrister Rumin, Major (retd.) Hafizuddin Ahmed said that he is not making a new party, he wants to reform the party. However, he directed Tariq Rahman to reform the party. This is not how political parties work. As long as Khaleda Zia was healthy, there was no problem in the team. Many of his words have revealed dissatisfaction with the team due to Tariq Rahman, as a result of which the team is on the way to break?

In response, Barrister Rumin Farhana said that since the last five years, Acting Chairman Tariq Rahman has been managing the team with great dedication, efficiency and a very systematic organization. That’s why I was able to get through this horrible time.

The government is working to break BNP, is it completely true?

In response to the question, Rumin said that the government has been carrying out systematic repression on BNP for the last 17 years with the aim of breaking the party. It is repression in a way that is not repression of one group against another. Repression of the entire state against a party. The BNP survives by confronting it. Despite repeated attempts by the government, far from being broken, so far the government has managed to remove any popular person of BNP?

As we have seen, when AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury left BNP and created a new alternative, it did not survive in the end. His personal profile was not less than brilliant, but he did not survive.

Colonel Oli had to bear the same fate. He is LDP. But that LDP is now with BNP alliance. If we go further back, I saw that Mannan Bhuiyan also could not survive in politics. He had to leave the world with no body. Even earlier, when the BNP was in the eighties, there was an attempt to break the BNP. But did not succeed.

Rumin also said, therefore, no one could do anything good in the past by leaving BNP. The same applies in the case of Awami League, there is no precedent of anyone leaving Awami League and doing anything big. If we review the history, we will see that I personally do not think that there is no possibility of BNP breaking up.

But at the same time I want to say – such a big group, there will be different opinions, there can be personal dissatisfaction, there can be personal satisfaction, there can be personal opinion, it can be given by anyone.

The question may be why did Major Hafiz hold a press conference? I feel as a petty political activist, he is forced to hold a press conference. Because the Information Minister has already spoken about him. The word was floating around. At that time, maybe the journalists were communicating separately. He called everyone together for that. There, Major Hafiz clearly said that if BNP goes to the elections, he should go to the elections from that party and will participate in the elections for BNP.

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