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Not scheduled before conciliation: Bangladesh Jasad

Not scheduled before conciliation: Bangladesh Jasad
Not scheduled before conciliation: Bangladesh Jasad


The Bangladesh Jasad led by Sharif Nurul Ambia has urged the Election Commission not to announce the schedule of the 12th parliamentary elections until a political agreement is reached.

This group, which was registered five months ago, made this call in a statement on Sunday.

According to the statement signed by Bangladesh Jasdar Deputy Commissioner Sajjad Hossain Sohag, the Standing Committee meeting was held on Saturday night under the chairmanship of Bangladesh Jasdar President Sharif Nurul Ambia.

The meeting urged the Election Commission to “play a positive role for political reconciliation and not to deepen the country’s political crisis by forcefully announcing the election date until that happens.”

The Standing Committee of Bangladesh Jasdar has urged the EC to leave the path of ‘repression-arrest-case-attack’ and take measures to hold participatory elections through discussion.

The countdown to the election has started on November 1. There is an obligation to hold elections by January 29. Already the President. The Election Commission informed Sahabuddin Ahmed about the overall preparations for the parliamentary elections. The schedule may come in the second week of November.

The statement accused the government and said, “Due to the arrogance, lack of power and stubbornness of the government, political deadlock and insecurity of public life across the country have been created today. The farcical electoral farce has raised fears of a repeat of the 2014 no-vote election; Sovereignty is being challenged.”

Bangladesh Jasad also demanded the release of the arrested opposition leaders.

“The government has blocked the way of dialogue to resolve the political crisis by arresting and prosecuting opposition political opponents. We immediately condemn the mass arrest of opposition politicians from this meeting and demand their release.”

Party General Secretary Nazmul Haque President, Working President Indu Nandan Dutta, Standing Committee Members Mushtaq Hossain, Hemayetullah Hiru, Shahidul Islam Meeran, ATM Mohabbat Ali, Rafiqul Islam Khokon, Nurul Alam Montu, Karim Sikder, Manzoor Ahmed, Anwarul Islam Babu, Nasirul Haque. Nawab and many others were present in the meeting.

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