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Anti-national terrorists demand strict suppression

Anti-national terrorists demand strict suppression
Anti-national terrorists demand strict suppression

Dhaka: Bangladesh Muktijoddha Issin Sangsad has demanded strict suppression of anti-national terrorists, including the killing of a policeman, vandalism of a judge’s residence and the beating of journalists, police and Ansar members, and the strictest punishment for those who were injured in BNP’s grand rally on October 28.

The leaders of the organization made these demands to the Prime Minister in a human chain organized in front of the National Press Club on Sunday (November 12).

Addressing the Prime Minister at Manabbandhan, the speakers said, you are the worthy successor of Bangabandhu, the mother of humanity, the artisan of development of the people of Bangladesh and the only place of hope and shelter for the family of the heroic freedom fighters. Our humble request to you, take maximum punishment for the murderous terrorists who killed the policemen, vandalized the judge’s residence, injured hundreds of policemen, set fire to the police hospital and beat up 31 journalists.

They also said that those who wanted to destroy the country in the name of Mahasambesh on 28 October should be strongly resisted. They have once again resorted to arson and killing people. If domestic and foreign conspiracies are not resisted, the country will plunge into great crisis. The family of the brave freedom fighters demands from you Prime Minister, suppress the anti-national terrorists with a strong hand and organize elections as soon as possible according to the laws of the constitution.

Chairman of Central Command Council of Bangladesh Mukti Yoddha Issan Sangsad was present in the human chain at this time. Solaiman Mia and General Secretary Shafiqul Islam Babu and others.

Bangladesh Time: 1459 hours, November 12, 2023

The article is in Bengali


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