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Mass march towards EC if details announced: Charmonai Pir

Mass march towards EC if details announced: Charmonai Pir
Mass march towards EC if details announced: Charmonai Pir

Mufti Syed Muhammad Rezaul Karim, Pir of Charmonai and Amir of Islamic Movement, has demanded the Election Commission (EC) to refrain from announcing Taplish before political compromise and level playing field is ensured. He said, ‘Ignoring the demands, the day the details are announced, the Islamic movement will hold a mass march towards the EC. The next day, the whole country will protest against the details.’

Pir of Charmonai announced this agenda at a press conference at the party office in Purana Paltan on Saturday. He said, ‘Islamic movement fully supports all the peaceful programs of other opposition parties. Apart from this, the next course of action will be decided in the national dialogue on November 20 in Dhaka with representatives of all political parties, academics, intellectuals, journalists and various professional organizations to resolve the crisis. At this time, he said again, ‘There is no question of going to the elections under the party government.’

The Islamic movement gave a seven-day ultimatum to the government from a mass meeting at Suhrawardy Udyan on November 3. The demand of the party was that the Awami League should dissolve the parliament and hand over power to the national government by November 10. If the demands are not met, the Pir of Charmonai warned of a larger program in consultation with the agitating parties. However, like BNP, Jamaat-e-Islami, the Islamic movement has announced a mass rally without going to the program of blocking the strike.

The Amir of the party said in a press conference, ‘The country has literally fallen into a state of war due to the guerilla of a leader and a party. The significance of freedom in the sense of the exercise of power in the administration of the state has been lost. Constitutional institutions including the Election Commission could not be automated and made functional. As a result, the electoral government becomes an important issue. Universal political unity was established in the country in 1996 with an electoral system of government. The nation has also benefited from it. But the Awami League government has killed this universally supported system by placing a gun on the shoulder of the court through the fifteenth amendment of the constitution.

Pir of Charmonai said, ‘The position of foreign power has become the main regulator in the question of who will remain in power. The situation is so bad that the bilateral meetings of two countries like USA-India discuss the election of Bangladesh and that discussion carries importance in politics. On the other hand, the government has blocked all the ways of reconciliation. History is witness, only when the path of discussion is blocked, the ‘black night of twenty-five’ is created. Awami League has turned from a political party into an extremist party. The Election Commission has reached the lowest level of stigma.

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