Jamaat picketing and marching in different places of Sylhet city

Jamaat picketing and marching in different places of Sylhet city
Jamaat picketing and marching in different places of Sylhet city

Jamaat leaders of Sylhet metropolis said that the fascist government is once again walking the path of rigged elections by announcing the schedule through its subordinate Election Commission. Pushing the country into conflict without a neutral caretaker government by declaring a schedule will not end well. Immediately restore neutral caretaker government system. The ongoing democracy restoration movement cannot be suppressed by attacks, cases, arrests and torture. The ongoing democracy restoration movement will continue without the fall of the fascist regime and the final victory of democracy.

On the 1st day of the 48-hour continuous blockade of Jamaat Kendra Ahut 4th phase on Sunday, a road blockade and procession was held at the initiative of Sylhet Mahanagar Jamaat in South Surma Kadamtali area of ​​the city. Speakers at the post-march gathering said the above. Sylhet Metropolitan Jamaat Secretary Mohammad Shahjahan Ali, Dakshin Surma Thana Ameer Maulana Mujibur Rahman, Secretary Faizul Islam Jaegirdar and Bangladesh Islami Chhatra Shibir Sylhet Metropolitan Secretary Sharif Mahmud were present in the blockade and procession.

Also, road blockade and procession were held on the initiative of Nagar Jamaat throughout the day on Sunday. The leaders in the rally after the separate blockade and march said that the countrymen rejected the fascist government by observing the total blockade on the 1st day of the 4th phase after the total blockade in 3 phases. This movement to regain democracy and voting rights continues until victory. Immediate reinstatement of neutral caretaker government, Ameer Jamaat Dr. There is no alternative to an impartial caretaker government to ensure free and fair elections with the participation of all parties, including the unconditional release of all the royal prisoners, including Shafiqu Rahman.

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