Barisal tea shopkeepers petting snakes

Barisal tea shopkeepers petting snakes
Barisal tea shopkeepers petting snakes

Barisal: A tea seller in the city has been rearing Gokhara snakes for the last 5 days.

The Gokra snake was caught from the kitchen of Mullah’s house in Rupatali area of ​​the city on Tuesday (November 7).

Mojibul Haque, a tea seller, said that the snake was staying with its baby in the wood in the kitchen of Suman Molla at Molla house in Rupatali. On hearing the news, he caught the gokhra snake from the kitchen. But the children have moved on. The snake is three cubits long. The snake is currently in his custody.

He said that he has a tea shop at Kalijira Apollo Hospital Lane in the city. He catches snakes as a hobby. After a few days he left again. He caught this snake because of his hobby. When the hobby is satisfied, leave it again.

He also said that he caught the snake and fed it to fish. The snake was taken out to sunbathe on Saturday.

He has eaten the snake he caught before. Snake does not eat itself. He has to be fed.

Suman Molla said, the snake was laying eggs in their kitchen. Later the baby hatched. The snake was easily caught because it was weak. Later, the snake was taken away by Mojibul Haque, a tea shopkeeper. His snake is in custody.

Mohammad Harun Or Rashid Khan, the forest conservator of the coastal forest area of ​​Barisal, said that there is no opportunity to keep poisonous snakes like this. If any kind of snake is found, the wildlife control unit should be informed, they will come and rescue it.

However, he said that there is no office of this department in Barisal.

Bangladesh Time: 1606 hours, November 12, 2023

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