Vehicles are running despite the blockade

Vehicles are running despite the blockade
Vehicles are running despite the blockade

Dhaka: Adequate number of law enforcement personnel have been deployed in the capital to ensure the safety of Janmal during the 48-hour total blockade called by BNP-Jamaat. Meanwhile, despite the ongoing blockade, as the day progressed, traffic pressure on the capital’s Uttara-Abdullahpur airport road also increased.

Ignoring the blockade, the working people of Uttara area of ​​the city have started going to their respective workplaces.

Vehicles are running on the road from Uttara Abdullahpur via the airport since Sunday (November 12) morning. Public transport, private cars, CNG autorickshaws, motorcycles are running on the road. Besides, rickshaws and auto-rickshaws were seen plying on various roads in this area. Normal traffic was also seen from Tongi in Gazipur.

Meanwhile, miscreants set fire to public transport in different areas of the capital from the evening before the start of the third phase of blockade called by BNP-Jamaat.

According to the information of the media cell of the Directorate of Fire Service and Civil Defense, miscreants caused a total of 9 incidents of arson from 8:00 pm on Saturday, 11 November to 6:00 am on 12 November (the night before the blockade). 7 incidents occurred in Dhaka City, 1 in Dhaka Division (Gazipur), 1 in Barisal Division (Barisal Sadar). 8 buses, 1 pickup were burnt in this incident. 19 units of fire service and civil defense and 193 personnel worked to extinguish the fire.

It can be seen on the ground, people from different organizations of Awami League have taken up positions in different areas from Abdullahpur to Uttara House Building, Azampur, Jasimuddin and Airport areas. So that there is no chaos in this area. So that traffic can move normally on the road.

There was heavy traffic on the Abdullahpur to Uttara House Building, Azampur, Airport road in the capital. The number of passengers on the road has also increased.

Farhan Sadiq, a resident of Uttara Sector 12, works in a private company. He told BanglaNews that the blockade has given, but the life of the common people is miserable due to this blockade. We have to work to eat. If you don’t go to the office, your salary will be cut. And I am afraid to board the bus in the siege. Because the blockade supporters are setting fire to the bus.

But at the end of the day we have to support our family. If these blockades are ignored, the family will not run – he added.

Shahadat Hossain, the driver of Gazipur Paribahan, told Banglanews that the first day of the week is Sunday. Passengers are under a lot of stress these days. But due to blockade there are not many passengers. We also have to exercise. If the car is stopped due to blockade, we lose. Again there is fear, if the car catches fire, then more danger. Even at this risk, I went out with the car. Because if I sit for a day, no one will feed me.

On the other hand, law and order forces are active to prevent any sabotage in the capital during the 48-hour blockade called by BNP-Jamaat. There are RAB-Police patrols in the entire capital. Police are deployed at various important points on the road. Sufficient RAB members are patrolling the capital. Meanwhile, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) members are also on patrol. 152 platoons of BGB have been deployed across the country including 27 platoons to control the law and order situation in Dhaka and surrounding districts.

RAB Legal and Media Wing Director Commander Khandaker Al Moin told BanglaNews that various political parties have once again called for a 48-hour blockade program. Meanwhile, RAB forces have taken security measures to keep public life normal and to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property as well as to protect state assets.

He said, to ensure nationwide security, around 400 patrol teams of 15 battalions of RAB forces will be deployed in the capital, including more than 150. In addition, nationwide intelligence surveillance activities will continue. If anyone plans any kind of sabotage or violence, he will be immediately identified and brought under the law.

Bangladesh Time: 1224 hours, November 12, 2023

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