Bangladesh is worried about Australia’s ‘cold weather’

Bangladesh is worried about Australia’s ‘cold weather’
Bangladesh is worried about Australia’s ‘cold weather’


The team reached Australia after a long journey. Morning gym sessions are also done for recovery. The place of concern for Bangladesh, however, is elsewhere, the cold climate of Australia. However, Bangladesh coach Javier Cabrera believes that the team will be able to adapt to the conditions there as they arrived in Australia four days before the field match.

Bangladesh will face Australia next Thursday in the ‘I’ group of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. The team will start the second phase of the selection process with the match in Melbourne.

The team reached Australia last Saturday at 10:30 pm local time. The team manager Amer Khan said in a video message through the Bangladesh Football Federation that everyone in the team is healthy despite the fatigue of the long journey.

The match will be played in Melbourne at 8 pm. As a result, the night temperature will be cooler than the day. Defender Rehmat Miah thinks it will be challenging to adapt to the opposing conditions.

“We arrived in Australia after traveling for about 24 hours. Today was basically a recovery session. Inshallah we will start practicing from tomorrow. Usually a country has a different climate, like our country is a bit hot, Australia is a windy cold type.”

“We did well to come four days ago. Since our game is at 8pm, it will be even cooler. So I think these four days are important for us to adapt to this weather. Hopefully, we can adapt.”

Coach Cabrerao is currently focusing on two aspects – recovery to shake off travel fatigue and adapting to adverse weather conditions. It seems that it will be easier for this Spanish coach to adapt to the situation as he can anchor in Australia earlier.

“We have to make sure the players recover as much as possible. Fatigue of long journey should also be removed. Had a gym session in the morning. Some mobility, gym work, training – these have to be done to adapt to the conditions here. Tomorrow we will start the main training session.”

“Definitely the climate here is different from Bangladesh. In the morning, the temperature here is around 20 degrees Celsius, but at 8 o’clock in the match, the temperature will be around 10 degrees or so. That’s why we came here 4 days ago, so that we can adapt to the conditions here. I do, we have enough time to do that.”

The two teams met for the first and last time in 2015 in the World Cup qualifiers. After losing the first leg 5-0 in Australia, Bangladesh lost 4-0 in the return leg in Dhaka.

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