BNP and Chhatra Dal protest march in support of blockade in Barisal


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November 12, 2023 14:03

Own Correspondent, Barisal

In the night before the start of the fourth phase of the blockade, two bus-trucks were set on fire in Barisal. Meanwhile, BNP and Chhatra Dal held 3 separate protest marches in the city in support of the blockade.

In the fourth phase, miscreants set fire to a bus standing on the side of the highway in the city’s Kashipur at 6 a.m. on Sunday, the night before the siege began. Miscreants set fire to another truck in Kashipur on the same night.

Meanwhile, BNP member Afroza Khanam Nasreen along with his supporters held a protest march at C&B Road Ghosh Bari area of ​​the city at 7 am in support of the blockade. At the same time, Ward No. 24 BNP held a protest march in Sagardi area of ​​the city. Mahanagar Chhatra Dal held a protest march at Bhatarkhal area of ​​the city at 9 am. They raised various slogans in support of the blockade.

Due to the blockade, there is limited traffic on the long-distance route from Barisal. Buses and launches operate on local routes but there are fewer passengers. A few three wheelers and autorickshaws ply within the city. City shops, offices-courts, banks-insurance are almost normal.

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