Australia-Bangladesh are facing each other twice in a span of five days

Australia-Bangladesh are facing each other twice in a span of five days
Australia-Bangladesh are facing each other twice in a span of five days

Australia-Bangladesh match in World Cup cricket is over. These two countries will face each other once more in a gap of five days. This is also a World Cup game. Bangladesh will face Australia in the 2026 World Cup qualifier on Thursday, November 16. It is a round-two game of the World Cup. Bangladesh has already reached round-two by playing two matches. Entered the group stage. And Australia are playing directly in the group stage and they are playing their first match at their home ground, in the hilly city of Melbourne. Bangladesh football team has already reached the beautiful city. The time interval from Dhaka is 5 hours. Molbourne is five hours ahead.

Melbourne Cricket Ground-E (MCG) is the largest stadium in Australia. Adjacent to the MCG is the headquarters of Cricket Australia. The opening of the Commonwealth Games at the MCG, Australia’s cricket matches, and everything else has taken place here. The pitch can be removed if there is international sports outside of cricket and there is a possibility of damage to the cricket pitch. Lifted and placed elsewhere with the help of a helicopter. The need for reinstatement was heard during the 2006 Commonwealth Games. It was thought that the Bangladesh-Australia football match will be held here. That’s not happening. The game will be played at the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium. Rugby was once played in this stadium. Later football started here.

This year the Women’s World Cup was jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand. The Rectangular Stadium has hosted six Women’s World Cup matches. Spectator capacity is about 30,000, the audience seats are reduced to 27,000 as journalists will come to the Women’s World Cup. Rugby is still played. The Asian Cup is played. Qatar World Cup Qualifier and AFC Third Round Qualifier Australia-Vietnam match played at the Rectangular Stadium on 27 January 2022. There were 27,500 spectators in that match. When Australia plays football in this field, the audience is full. Naturally, it can be assumed that the audience will be full to watch the Australia-Bangladesh match next Thursday. Australians are sports crazy.

The family rushes to any game. Collect tickets in advance. Many people are collecting tickets. There are many Bangladeshis, they are also looking for tickets. He rushed to the country’s sports hall. During the World Cup cricket, thousands of expatriate Bangladeshis have appeared on the field. For these reasons, it can be said that the Bangladesh-Australia match will bring a different atmosphere. However, there is a lot of difference between the football power of Australia and Bangladesh. Even then, the boys of Bangladesh will enter the field with the mentality of not giving up.

Australia played against Argentina in Qatar World Cup. There are at least 9 footballers from the match against Messi against Bangladesh. It is big for a team to have 9 players playing in the finals of the World Cup. Australian captain Matty Ryan plays in Denmark. He did not score a goal in 8 matches after playing 17 matches. Craig Goodwin is a Saudi Pro League footballer. Scored 8 goals in 7 matches. Jamie Mlaren has experience playing against Messi. Amer Khan, the manager of the team, is not willing to think about these things before fighting against them. He was discussing these things before leaving Dhaka.

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