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Jean Air wants to run regular flights between Bangladesh and Korea

Jean Air wants to run regular flights between Bangladesh and Korea
Jean Air wants to run regular flights between Bangladesh and Korea

This time, Airlines-Jean Air has expressed its interest in operating regular direct flights between Bangladesh and South Korea. The airline has already operated 121 successful commercial chartered flights between Dhaka and Incheon in the last 3 years.

Jin Air, a subsidiary of South Korea’s national carrier Korean Air Group, has already applied to the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh to operate unscheduled commercial flights in October this year.

Jin Air authorities feel that Bangladesh-Korea direct route has great potential. According to them, South Korea has been the largest foreign investor in Bangladesh since independence. In addition, the demand for Bangladeshi workers in Korea is continuously increasing. Besides, tourist exchange between the two countries is increasing day by day.

When the world was in turmoil due to the Corona epidemic, Jean Air launched direct commercial chartered flights to Korea and Bangladesh. As a result, Jin Air became a beacon of hope for both Koreans and Bangladeshis trapped by Covid. Since then Jean Air has successfully operated a total of 112 direct flights. 27 thousand 7 people are transporting passengers, of which the number of expatriate workers was 10 thousand 118 people.

From Corporate Social Responsibility Jean Air has catered to the needs of Bangladesh Overseas Employment & Services Limited-Boyles since the start of covid. Besides, Boyles said in their affidavit, it would have been impossible for Bangladeshi EPS staff to travel to South Korea without the outstanding and seamless chartered flight support from Jean Air. Prioritizing the safety and professionalism of the Bangladeshi EPS staff, Zine Air operated its chartered commercial flight with only 39 passengers with no additional charges imposed by Zine authorities.


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