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The fate of Bangladesh’s Champions Trophy depends on India’s hands

The fate of Bangladesh’s Champions Trophy depends on India’s hands
The fate of Bangladesh’s Champions Trophy depends on India’s hands

India will take on the Netherlands today in the last match of the league stage of the ongoing World Cup. India confirmed the semi-final first by winning 100% in eight matches. On the other hand, the Dutch left the World Cup a long time ago. However, the Champions Trophy game of Bangladesh depends on the result of this match. Bangladesh will be eliminated from the Champions Trophy if Pand or Dutch win the match due to rain.

The match will start on Sunday (November 12) at Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru at 2.30 pm Bangladesh time. The Netherlands has withdrawn from the World Cup. But this match is not just about keeping the rules. Because the fate of the Champions Trophy depends on this match. Especially the fate of Bangladesh.

India is entering the field after 7 days of rest. Although it is a regulation match, Team India has a different plan in this match. Rahul Dravid’s side will field a full strength squad against the Netherlands as the players get enough rest.

2025 Champions Trophy Participant 8 teams will be decided from the current season of the World Cup. According to the rules, the first eight teams in the points table of the World Cup will get a chance in this competition in 2025. Pakistan will be the host country. Without them, the remaining seven teams will be eliminated from the World Cup.

Seven teams have been finalized so far. There is one team left. For which the fight is going on between three groups. They are – Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and the Netherlands. Yesterday, Bangladesh lost to Australia in their last match but remained in the race to play the Champions Trophy. Because they were standing seventh in the points table.

But in the second match of the day, England pulled off a win against Pakistan to top Bangladesh and move into the top seven. Bangladesh comes down to eighth in the table. However, Bangladesh has a chance to play the Champions Trophy from this place as well. Because no one will think that the Dutch will beat India in the last match. India is the unbeaten team so far.

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On the other hand, the Dutch are no less. They proved their mettle by defeating South Africa and England. So it’s not like the Dutch will just give up. So it can be said that Bangladesh’s Champions Trophy game depends on India. If the Rohits win, they will get the ticket for the Champions Trophy of Bangladesh.

The batsmen are in great form ahead of this match. Virat Kohli scored 2 centuries and 4 fifties in eight innings. Virat is third in the list of highest run scorers in the World Cup with 543 runs. In this match, Sachin Tendulkar has a chance to top the century record of 50th century.

In today’s match, the pacers will get some advantage as the wicket is fast and bouncy. So Mohammad Shami, Siraj will also be in the coach’s separate plan. Apart from this, spinners can also get different benefits.

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