Ask yourself these 5 questions before applying to university


University admission season is coming. This time is very important for students. What questions do you need to ask yourself at this time? Written by the Director of Information Technology Institute of Dhaka University BM Mainul Hossain

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1. What interests you?

Irrespective of the subject of study, if there is interest, then the chances of getting desired results increase. In many cases, there is no interest in a subject before admission. But after studying it for a while, I like it. Currently, the best way to know about a department or university is to look at the information provided on the respective department’s website. A look at a few websites gives an idea. Apart from this, you can talk to those who are currently studying or have studied in the university in that subject.

2. Are you not making a decision based on the inclination or the words of others?

After making a decision, ask yourself, why did I choose this path, career or subject? It should also be considered whether I have the basic knowledge to pursue higher education in the chosen subject, and whether I have had the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency in the subject before. For example, if one does not like maths, it is better not to study maths-based subjects (eg engineering) because of pressure from family or others. There must be a balance between desire and ability. Remember, being interested in space and studying astronomy are not the same thing. The opinion of the experienced members of the family should be given priority over own well-being. But you have to decide yourself considering all aspects.

It is best to proceed in the way you feel good about preparing

3. What do you mean by ‘university of choice’?

Several things come into play in selecting universities and other higher education institutions. For example, the reputation of the university, location, number of seats, co-curricular activities, cost etc. Taking everything into consideration, choosing a university can be the first stumbling block. First take the admission test according to your goals and ability. If there is an opportunity at more than one university, then either commuting, reputation, cost or other factors can be considered.

4. How do you prepare, how do you plan?

Everyone has their own way of preparing. It is best to proceed in the way you feel good about preparing. It should be remembered that there is a difference between the type of higher secondary examination and the type of admission test. So naturally, their preparation style will also be different. However, team preparation comes in handy in such competitive exams. For example, even if there is no institutional opportunity, a few classmates can organize some tests in a group by themselves and check their status. Ideas are also available from previous years exam questions. A list can also be made of those that are difficult to understand. Later you have to try to understand the things in the list from teachers, classmates, internet etc.

5. Is there a plan ABC?

In any competitive examination some or the other has to be dropped from the list. Therefore, instead of setting just one goal, you have to set several goals and move forward. If not the first choice then the second, if not the third. Every university has its strengths in every subject, there is something to gain from it. If it were not, there would be no need for that university or that subject. You must make your own choice. But we have to get out of the idea that absolutely everything is over unless it is desired.

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