Chairman Main Uddin Member Secretary Yusuf

Chairman Main Uddin Member Secretary Yusuf
Chairman Main Uddin Member Secretary Yusuf

Mirsrai Journalist Welfare Trust has formed a new committee for the period 2023-2025.

On Saturday afternoon Mirsrai Press Club president Md. Nurul Alam presided over and General Secretary Enayet Hossain Mithur conducted the monthly meeting and the previous committee was dissolved and the new committee was announced for the next two years.

On that day M Main Uddin (daily Naya Digant) was announced as the chairman and Mohammad Yousuf (Dainik Ittefaq) as the member secretary.

Others in the committee are Treasurer Sadman Saham (Daily News), Office Secretary Shafayet Mehdi (Naya Shatabdi), Executive Member Mirsrai Press Club President Md Nurul Alam (Today’s Newspaper), General Secretary Enayet Hossain Mithu (Dainik Purvakon), Journalist Saiful Haque Sirazi ( Freelancer), Abu Saeed Bhuiyan (Alokit Bangladesh), M Anwar Hossain (East) and Aziz Azhar (Kalbela).

President of Mirsrai Press Club Nurul Alam said that this organization will work for the welfare of journalists working in Mirsrai. In light of the constitution of Mirsarai Press Club, the committee of the trust is constituted every two years. Ex-officio President and General Secretary are nominated as members of the Executive Committee of the organization.

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