There is no presence of passengers at Mohakhali bus terminal, if there are passengers, the bus will leave the bus

There is no presence of passengers at Mohakhali bus terminal, if there are passengers, the bus will leave the bus
There is no presence of passengers at Mohakhali bus terminal, if there are passengers, the bus will leave the bus

Mohakhali bus terminal is not full of passengers, almost the counters are closed. BNP-Jamaat’s 4th phase of 48-hour blockade program has started from 6 am on Sunday morning for one-point demand of resignation of the government. That is why such a situation prevails in the busiest bus terminal of the capital.

But when the long-distance buses are closed, no other counters are open, only their own counters are open. Their buses are also standing in front of the counter. Two or four passengers are coming, tickets are also being sold. It is being informed from Ena Paribahan counter that their buses will leave from Mohakhali only when there are passengers. The buses are waiting for the passengers.

Shubo Ahmed, counter master of Ena Paribahan at Mohakhali bus terminal, said that our Mymensingh-bound buses will leave from here only if there are passengers. We are selling Mymensingh tickets from here. Our ticket prices remain the same, no fares have been increased. Several passengers have already been. We will release the buses one by one only when the buses are full. Besides, the counter of our Sylhet-bound bus is also open in front, from where we will leave.

Meanwhile, Mymensingh-bound passenger Nazim Uddin arrived at Mohakhali bus terminal from Azimpur in the capital. He said, I heard that the buses of Enna Paribahan are only running on the Mymensingh route. Accordingly, when I called Ena Paribahan this morning, they said their bus would still run today. That’s why I moved to Mohakhali bus terminal. Need to go home urgently for a work related to land deposit. After coming here, Ena Paribahan told from the counter that their bus is ready, they will leave only if there are passengers. There are already 10/12 passengers in this bus. They are also selling tickets, and we are waiting for the bus to leave with the tickets. However, I saw that no long-distance bus leaves from Mohakhali bus terminal except Ena Paribahan.

Meanwhile, 7 buses were set on fire in the capital on Saturday night before the 4th phase of BNP-Jamaat’s 48-hour blockade program started on a one-point demand for the resignation of the government. Saturday (November 11) at 8:20 PM in front of Notre Dame College in Motijheel, at 8:30 PM in front of Gabtali Bus Stand, at around 9:00 PM in front of Sundarban Square in Gulistan, at 9:30 PM in front of Jatrabari Fal-Patti, at around 11:00 PM in Taltala area of ​​Agargaon and Pangu of Sherbangla Nagar Police Station. Miscreants set fire to a passenger bus in front of the hospital and opposite Kafrul police station at 11:40 am. No casualties were reported in these incidents.

Earlier, BNP and like-minded opposition parties announced a blockade from 6 am last Wednesday (8 November) to 6 am Friday (10 November) demanding the resignation of the government, a neutral government during the election period and the release of prisoners including Khaleda Zia. The third phase of the 48-hour blockade they called ended at 6 am on Friday.

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