They used to rob him by calling him elder brother

They used to rob him by calling him elder brother
They used to rob him by calling him elder brother

Police have arrested four people from Mirpur on the charge of extortion. They were arrested in front of Kazipara Exim Hospital of Mirpur Model Police Station on Saturday night.

At this time, two daggers were recovered from them. Police claim, they are known robbers of Mirpur.

The four arrested are – Md. Orin (26), Jamal Uddin Sagar (27), Roni (30) and Ibrahim Prakash Imon (19).

Officer-in-charge (OC) of Mirpur Model Police Station. Mohsin said that four identified robbers of Mirpur were arrested. There are four members in their group. Among them, there are four cases against Orin, two each against Sagar, Roni and Eamon. Orin is their team leader.

OC Md. Mohsin also said that they first targeted a pedestrian. After that, team leader Orin stood with two other people near the target. Later, a member of the team stopped the target pedestrian and said ‘you are calling big brother’. The pedestrian allegedly approached the elder brother. After that, they snatched everything from the passerby at knife point and ran away. They were waiting for the target like this on Saturday too.

The OC of Mirpur Model Police Station said that when the police went there based on secret information, they tried to escape. They were chased and arrested. Later they were searched and two daggers were recovered.

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