Chittagong got the desired result after 5 years of pursuit

Chittagong got the desired result after 5 years of pursuit
Chittagong got the desired result after 5 years of pursuit

Chittagong: Deputy Commissioner Abul Basar Mohammad Fakhruzzaman obtained Ph.D. He holds a degree in Economics from the Arndt Corden Department of Economics, Australian National University.

This was confirmed in a congratulatory message sent by university registrar Stock Pearsall on Thursday (November 9).

Deputy Commissioner Abul Basar Mohammad Fakhruzzaman told BanglaNews that after almost 5 years of efforts, I got the desired result.

In this research, I have passed through many difficulties. Today’s achievements cannot be interpreted as love. There is a challenge to continue research along with work.

He said, firstly the session was on global pandemic covid. I had to learn a lot of programming because of covid. If not for covid, maybe I would have got someone’s help. But no one was in a position to help. I had to do everything myself.

Second, Australia has a policy of education and research. That is – new knowledge should be added to the state of knowledge. Or to challenge any existing knowledge. Australian universities generally do not approve degrees if neither of these are met.

The Deputy Commissioner said, I was in uncertainty until I received the confirmation letter. If the three supervisors, externals, are not satisfied with the thesis, I will not be awarded the PhD degree. I only know how hard I have worked for the last five years. It also happened – I submitted the paper, the professors said, not like this – do it like this. I did as instructed. Gave instructions again. Thus, the time, labor, and uncertainty that I had spent all turned into happiness with a congratulatory message from the university registrar.

Abul Basar Mohammad Fakhruzzaman, an officer of the 24th BCS administration cadre and a former student of Chittagong University, had his thesis on ‘Industrial Upgrading in the Apparel Value Chain: Evidence from Bangladesh’.

He was engaged in direct research work in Australia for three years from 2019 to 2022. As the vacation was over, he returned to the country and completed the rest of the research work. Besides studies, as a hardworking and diligent person, he is working smartly with creativity at different levels of field administration.

District Commissioner Fakhruzzaman is working for the development of Chittagong including the recovery of thousands of acres of private land in Chittagong, extensive development of the tourism sector, receiving awards for transforming Chittagong into a smart district, progress in the education system, maintaining law and order.

Bangladesh Time: 1210 hours, November 12, 2023

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