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Taskin opened up about the conflict between Shakib and Tamim

Taskin opened up about the conflict between Shakib and Tamim
Taskin opened up about the conflict between Shakib and Tamim

Even before the World Cup, Bangladesh cricket was full of controversies. The conflict between two reliable stars of the team, Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal, made headlines in the country’s media before the World Cup. Bangladesh had to play the World Cup with the pressure of that big controversy in mind. Neither the off-field pressure nor the on-field performance was in favor of Bangladesh in this entire event.

Throughout the World Cup, questions from the players have repeatedly centered around this issue of Tamim and Shakib. After their last match in the World Cup yesterday, the team’s pace bowler Taskin was also asked about the Tamim and Shakib issue. Taskin Ahmed also answered that question with an open mind.

Talking about the mixed zone Shakib-Tamim issue after the match, Taskin said, ‘As players, we didn’t have much of this stuff. Undoubtedly, no trouble is good. It was not under our control. If this kind of trouble happens all the time, with anyone, it is better not to have it. No trouble is good.’

The bowlers could not do well in the Pune field at all. Mitchell Marsh scored 177 runs alone. Taskin also explained this, ‘Since we did not score enough runs on the batting wicket, the opponents batted with a little less risk. When it settles down it’s playing again. We could have done a little better though.’

However, Taskin is reluctant to think that his bowling is too bad, ‘It is very good if someone can finish 10 overs in six or six and a half economies while playing in India. It seemed to me. Couldn’t do it well, will have to try again in the future. Because there is nothing in life without hope. If not, you have to try again.

If Bangladesh won the match, there would not have been so much talk about the bowlers, said Taskin, ‘It can also happen. If we had won there would be no question. Losing is more visible.’


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