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Commitment to make Bangladesh free of leprosy by 2030

Commitment to make Bangladesh free of leprosy by 2030
Commitment to make Bangladesh free of leprosy by 2030

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Dhaka: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed her commitment to make Bangladesh free of leprosy by 2030. She said that in the first National Leprosy Conference in 2019, old beliefs and superstitions related to leprosy should be avoided. I am saying the same thing again now. We should not stay in that old way of thinking. We have developed Digital Bangladesh Now we have taken steps to build Smart Bangladesh. How can we be smart if this kind of superstition is in the mind of smart Bangladesh? can’t be smart

The prime minister said these things at the ‘National Leprosy Conference’ at Hotel Intercontinental in the capital on Sunday (November 12) morning.

The Prime Minister informed that there are currently 3 to 4 thousand leprosy patients in some areas in the country. He also informed that Bangladesh is the sixth country in the world in leprosy.

The prime minister informed that as a result of his government’s action, leprosy patients are being treated free of charge and said, ‘A National Strategic Plan for Leprosy in Bangladesh 2022-2030 to reduce the number of leprosy patients to zero; We have formulated it and are taking steps to implement it accordingly. That is the most important thing.’

He further said, ‘We have done another work leprosy patients were considered untouchable. For this reason the British government once made a law called the Laprosy Act 1898. We repealed that and repealed that Act. On November 24, 2011, this law was passed by the British government against people with leprosy. Because of this law they were always pushed away. They were deprived of their rightful rights. Now no one can deprive. Everyone from the family to the neighborhood will no longer look at them with hatred. Do not look at them with hatred.’

The Prime Minister said, ‘They need sympathy, they need to be by their side. They need service. They need to be motivated. I hope everyone does. Everyone has to come out of that old misconception that they once had and I’m glad now but many have come out and have to come out.’

Calling upon the countrymen including doctors and medical service providers, he urged them to be compassionate and more caring towards the leprosy sufferers without neglecting them.

The Prime Minister said, ‘Let us all serve these leprosy patients by showing sincerity with love, not with neglect, not with hatred, and we will heal them. They are ours.’


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