The road traffic is less in the blockade, the police are on high alert

The road traffic is less in the blockade, the police are on high alert
The road traffic is less in the blockade, the police are on high alert

Dhaka: A total blockade of 48 hours announced by some parties including BNP and Jamaat has started from this Sunday morning. In the first hours of the blockade, there was not much traffic on the road.

On Sunday (November 12) morning, such a picture can be seen on the ground in the capital’s Mogbazar, Mouchak, Tejgaon and Mohakhali bus terminal areas.

There were also fewer private vehicles on the roads in these areas. And the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway also has very little public transport. After waiting from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, this picture came up.

Meanwhile, police patrol cars were seen in and around the Mohakhali terminal area. Talking to the policemen, it is said that they are on high alert to avoid any untoward situation.

A member of the police told BanglaNews on condition of anonymity that the law and order forces are active to prevent any kind of sabotage in the ongoing blockade.

Meanwhile, despite the announcement made by the Transport Owners Association, no long-distance bus has left the Mohakhali terminal area till the writing of this report. Talking to the people concerned, it is known that they may leave the bus after understanding the presence of passengers.

Nazmul, the supervisor of Shoukhin Paribahan, which operates on the Dhaka-Mymensingh route, told Banglanews that it is morning. No passengers for blockade. So I am not leaving the bus Moreover, the situation is not understood. Maybe I can run the bus if there are passengers in the evening.

The same picture is in the busy Moghbazar and Mouchak areas of the city.

On Sunday (November 12) morning, visiting Moghbazar and Mouchak area, there is less public transport on the roads due to the blockade. Although there is less bus traffic on the roads, there are more rickshaws, CNG-powered auto-rickshaws and private cars.

On the first day of opening of government offices on Sunday, office-bound commuters were seen waiting for buses in the blockade. Many people are going to office by rickshaw-CNG without being able to board the bus.

No procession-picketing was seen in Mogbazar-Mouchak area for or against the blockade. However, police patrols were widely seen.

Bangladesh Time: 0950 hours, November 12, 2023

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