Picketing and road blockade in Motijheel led by Rizvi

Picketing and road blockade in Motijheel led by Rizvi
Picketing and road blockade in Motijheel led by Rizvi

On the first day of the 48-hour total blockade called by the BNP, the leaders and activists of the BNP and other organizations have blocked the road through picketing in the capital’s Motijheel.

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi led it in front of Motijheel Ideal School and College on Sunday (November 12).

On October 28, BNP announced a 48-hour blockade program for the fourth consecutive round with the aim of demanding one-sided demands, including the attack on the mass gathering in Dhaka, the arrest and killing of thousands of leaders and activists of various parties, the resignation of the government and elections under a non-partisan neutral caretaker government.

At this time, BNP’s National Executive Committee Health Affairs Secretary Dr. Rafiqul Islam, co-health affairs editor Dr. Parvez Reza Kakon, Executive Committee Member Mahbubul Islam, Dhaka Metropolitan South Labor Party Joint Convener Anwar Hossain Khan, Siddiqur Rahman Mintu, Zillur Rahman Khan, Shahbag Police Station Convener Mohammad Jasim Uddin Motijheel Police Station Convener JK Lovelu Dhali, Khilgaon Police Station Convener Mohammad Amir Hossain, Mugda The convener of the police station. Quddus Bepari, convener of Paltan Paltan police station. Abu Taher Shajahanpur police station convener. Leaders including Mintu, Sabuj Bagh police station convener Mohammad Swadhin, member secretary Jasimuddin were present.

Briefly Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said at that time, people from all walks of life have supported BNP’s blockade in the movement to restore democracy and establish human rights. Using force against the people, arresting and torturing them will not help. Leaving out 90% of the country’s population, no more fraudulent elections will be allowed in this country. No evil power will stand before the people. BNP leaders and workers will return home after establishing the voting rights of the people of Bangladesh.

Incidentally, in reference to the blockade program that started today on Sunday, Rizvi said, the 48-hour blockade program is for the democracy-loving people of Bangladesh who believe in democracy, who believe in freedom-sovereignty, who believe in true democracy, who believe in free, fair, participatory elections, who are credible. Everyone believes in elections, competitive elections, this blockade program will succeed.

He said, they will appear in every place including the roads, highways and all over Bangladesh and they will stay on the streets by resisting the oppression-torture-oppression-torture of the government, on behalf of BNP, we are making that call to the democracy-loving people of the country.

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