Bangladesh timed Mathews out, MCC bowled out

Bangladesh timed Mathews out, MCC bowled out
Bangladesh timed Mathews out, MCC bowled out

Angelo Mathews could not accept the timed out against Bangladesh in any way. Showed reaction on the field, showed off the field. Couldn’t even accept the fourth umpire’s explanation at half-time.

Matthews shared screenshots taken from the video at the time on Twitter, saying he had video footage that showed less than two minutes had passed before the helmet malfunctioned. And after seeing him delayed due to helmet problem, he insulted Bangladesh by getting him out like this.

But the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), cricket’s governing body, ignored Mathews’ threats in the video footage and his explanation that he had ‘5 more seconds’.

In a statement, the MCC highlighted Mathews’ errors, saying: ‘Had the umpires been informed of a significant, justified, equipment-related delay within the two-minute period, they could have treated it as a new type of delay (for example, a broken bat), perhaps He gave extra time. In that case, the batsman would have solved this delay problem without risking being timed out. However, it is worth recalling that both umpires agreed the helmet delay occurred after two minutes had elapsed and that delay did not count on appeal.’

MCC then explained how Mathews could not be ready to play the ball within two minutes, ‘Taking over 90 seconds just to reach the 30-yard circle, Mathews ran the last leg when he realized he was running late. After 1 minute and 54 seconds of the previous wicket falling, he had a problem with his helmet. His guard was not taken till that time. Couldn’t be ready to play ball yet.’ That is, MCC wants to say, even if there was no problem with the helmet, Mathews could not have been ready to play Shakib’s ball in the remaining 5 seconds.

MCC then reminded Mathews of another mistake, ‘When the helmet broke, it was seen that Mathews did not speak to the umpires. The expectation is to speak to the umpire when changing equipment. Instead, he pointed to the dressing room. Had he explained what had happened to the umpire and taken the time to resolve the issue, the umpires might have been forced to allow time for the helmet to be changed, allowing extra time and eliminating any possibility of a timed out. But as no time was taken, and two minutes had passed before an appeal could be made, the umpires rightly dismissed Mathews. To be honest, the umpire could not have taken any other decision under the laws of cricket.’

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