Bangladesh Bank written exam preparation and advice

Bangladesh Bank written exam preparation and advice
Bangladesh Bank written exam preparation and advice

Bangladesh Bank ‘Assistant Director’ The written test for the post will be held on November 17. The most important step of this post is the written test. There are total 200 marks in the written exam. It is possible to be in the final list only if you pass this exam well. Assistant Director of Bangladesh Bank (Batch-2023) talked about written exam preparation and advice. Sadiq Ahmed.

Focus writing
In this exam there are 35 marks in Bengali and 35 marks in English. One focus writing should be written in Bengali and English on a contemporary topic. Many people have misconceptions about focus writing. Focus writing whether to write the title or not, how much to write, whether to write in point form or not, whether to have introduction-conclusion etc. The answer to the questions is, the title should be written, how much should be written depends on how much time you have. Focus writing is better if it is 3 to 4 pages. But it can be more or less. Try to write more information as soon as possible. Do not leave anything out. Focus writing can be written both in point form and in paragraph form. Some introductory remarks can be written at the beginning of focus writing and some concluding remarks at the end. But there is no need to use words introduction at the beginning and conclusion at the end. Read editorials of popular dailies for better reading here. Here are some common topics like Smart Bangladesh, Digital Bank, Cyber ​​Security, Various Mega Projects like Padma Rail Bridge, Metrorail, Bangladesh in Atomic Club, Karnaphuli Tunnel, Impact of Russia-Ukraine War, Role of Central Bank in Inflation Causes and Control, Possible Global Recession And things to do in Bangladesh, dollar-crisis, ICT in banking sector, online banking etc. Same advice for both Bengali and English focus writing.

English Unseen Comprehension
In this part an unseen comprehension will be given for 30 marks. 6 questions will be given at the end of the passage. Each question will carry 5 marks. An unseen passage will basically be given in this part. The topic of the passage can be various contemporary issues. While answering, remember not to write any extraneous topic which is not in the passage. Answers should be paraphrased without writing the exact sentences of the passage. In order to do well in this case, the question must be read at the beginning. Then read the relevant parts of the passage taking the question and write it in your own way. The key to doing well in this part is to be able to write in your own way with synonyms, linking words. Answer can be in 1 to 3 sentences depending on the type of question.

This part will have total 5 digits for 30 marks. Make 6 marks in each digit. There will be 9th-10th class marks for maths. 3-4 out of 5 questions are basic maths. Since there will be time constraints and questions in English, it is necessary to practice arithmetic very quickly. Previous year exam topics, along with time & work, interest rate, probability, geometry, venn diagram, profit loss, unit-digit etc. should be seen.

Argument writing
There are 30 marks exam in this part. It will contain an English statement. It has to be argued for and against. To do well in this section, focus on your freehand writing. There is usually a social or contemporary statement. At the very beginning one has to choose a side and give various arguments, examples etc. to strengthen one’s argument. A couple of minor arguments can be made in favor of the opposing argument. However, care should be taken that the opposing argument is not too strong in this case.

general knowledge
It contains total 15 questions for 30 marks. All questions must be answered. The questions are usually from various banking terms like BACH, BACPS, NPSB, BEFTN, MICR etc., Recent Affairs, Recent Crisis, Mega Project, Sports, Climate Affairs, Geography, ICT, International Banking System like SWIFT, SOFR, LIBOR etc. remains To do well in this subject, the mentioned topics should be reviewed well. Apart from this, ideas can be gained by looking at previous year question papers.

It contains the translation of number 10. An English paragraph will be given. It has to be translated into Bengali. It is important to practice translation regularly to do well in this section. Translation from English newspaper editorials to Bengali can be practiced. It is important to remember here that the translation should be thought provoking and relatable to the reader.

Time management in exam hall
Time available for written exam is only 2 hours. So time management is equally important along with preparation. drawn in advance
If you do not have the habit of writing, you will be in danger. In no way can high marks questions like focus writing, argument writing not be answered. Here are some strategies that can be adopted. As first read the instructions mentioned in the question carefully. It should be noted whether there are instructions given in which order to answer the questions. Answers should be given in that sequence if instructions are given. If no such instructions are given, the general knowledge section can be started. Just answer the question without writing the whole sentence. Time management should be fixed in advance
How much time should be given to which part? You should practice writing more at the end.

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