BNP responded to the Chinese ambassador’s comments on the election

BNP responded to the Chinese ambassador’s comments on the election
BNP responded to the Chinese ambassador’s comments on the election

BNP responded to the comments of Yao Wen, the Chinese ambassador posted in Dhaka regarding the election. In a statement, the party said, ‘China wants to see upcoming elections in Bangladesh according to the constitution’ Ambassador Wen’s comments do not reflect the people’s wishes.

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said this in a statement on Saturday (November 11) afternoon. Earlier, Chinese ambassador Yao Wen said in a seminar at a hotel in the capital on Thursday that China wants to see elections according to the constitution.

In a statement responding to the party’s response, Rizvi said the ambassador’s remarks came at a time when the entire nation is united for democracy and demands an election-neutral government through peaceful agitations in an effort to restore voting rights and democratic values.

Stating that the Chinese ambassador’s comments did not reflect the wishes of the people, he said that a large section of the people had not had the opportunity to vote in the last 10 years. Therefore, the large population of the country wants a free, fair, inclusive and credible election not under the ruling and authoritarian Sheikh Hasina, but under an impartial government during the election. However, denying the reality, the fascist government has continued its obstinate behavior and unprecedented use of force, stating that elections must be held under the current constitution.

Welcoming Wao Yen’s concern about Bangladesh, BNP Joint Secretary General said, BNP as a party to introduce multi-party democracy and parliamentary democracy in Bangladesh is always committed to the constitution, which is approved and accepted by the people. Unfortunately, the illegitimate Awami League government has torn the constitution through controversial amendments in an attempt to retain power through vote robbery.

Rizvi said, Bangladesh and China have established friendly relations for a long time based on trade, commerce, knowledge and other bilateral interests. BNP believes that diplomatic success lies in establishing relations between the people of the two countries. Therefore, BNP is calling on China to shed light on the intentions and interests of the people of Bangladesh. BNP expects full support in the ongoing struggle of the people of the country, so that a free, fair and participatory election is completed in Bangladesh soon.

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