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If the candidates enter the field in the election, the arsonists will cover their heads

If the candidates enter the field in the election, the arsonists will cover their heads
If the candidates enter the field in the election, the arsonists will cover their heads

The law and order forces are planning to adopt the tactics of arson, sabotage and anarchy suppression with a strict hand around the announcement of the upcoming 12th National Parliament election schedule. Intelligence agencies have reported that if more than one candidate enters the field in the 300 constituencies in the National Assembly elections, the law and order situation may change. According to the report, if the activists-supporters with more than one candidate of the 300 constituencies go to the field, the terrorists will set fire to them.

If the election tide starts to flow in the villages-towns, towns-ports, upazilas, cities-metropolises of the country through the public relations of the candidates, if the picture of the law and order situation changes, it will be impossible for the terrorists-miscreants to run away with sabotage and anarchy. Such information has been highlighted in intelligence agency reports. This information has been informed by the source of the intelligence agency.
Sources in the intelligence agency said that after the last 12 days of hartal-blockade in various police stations of the metropolis in connection with the violence and clashes centered on the BNP’s October 28 convention in Nayapaltan of the capital, the like-minded parties including BNP-Jamaat have called a fourth round of 48-hour blockade on Sunday and Monday. During the last 12 days of hartal-blockade, the government will object to the court so that the violent arson terrorists who have been arrested cannot be released on bail. The operation will be intensified to arrest those who are still evading arrest as accused in the case of arson.

Law and order forces have been directed to take necessary steps to ensure that the legal system is strict after investigating the cases that have been filed after the bus fire incident. The law and order situation before the announcement of the election schedule is being assessed and the strategy for the subsequent law and order situation is being prepared. Later specific instructions will be given as to how the law and order forces will be deployed, where and how the law and order situation will be controlled.
According to sources in the intelligence agencies, the law enforcement and state intelligence agencies have held separate meetings at high levels in preparation for announcing the schedule for the upcoming 12th National Parliament elections. The senior officers present in the meeting discussed in detail about strike, burning of vehicles during blockade, sabotage, creation of anarchy by like-minded parties including BNP-Jamaat. The ability of the law enforcement and intelligence agencies to extend the BNP-Jamaat hartal-blockade for several consecutive days was also discussed. If the activities of the law and order forces are extensive and widespread, the arsonists will not be able to survive in the electoral field.

Such reports of the law and order situation have also been presented to the Election Commission. According to the constitution, the twelfth parliamentary elections should be held by January 29. However, the Election Commission wants to organize the polls in early January. It is also reported that the schedule will be announced sometime in the second half of November.
According to sources in the intelligence agency, a meeting of high-level officials of the law enforcement and intelligence agencies was held recently at the Agargaon Election Building under the chairmanship of Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal around the announcement of the schedule amid the agitation and threat of boycotting the election by the government opponents. Apart from the Ministry of Interior, Police, RAB, Armed Forces, BGB, Coast Guard, Ansar VDP and various intelligence agencies, top officials and representatives participated in that meeting. Ahead of the 12th parliamentary elections, how to ensure a peaceful pre-election, election-time and post-election situation, how the law and order forces will perform their duties, election-related issues and security issues were discussed in the meeting.

Various intelligence agencies of the state have presented their reports. According to the information of the report, what are the capabilities of the various army chiefs, how their manpower has been deployed at the center and other work in the past, how to perform their duties in the twelfth parliamentary elections. Like the 10th National Assembly elections in 2014, there was a discussion on how the situation would be handled if there was a return to programs like hartals and blockades, clashes and fires in public transport.
According to the sources of the police headquarters, the police RAB, Ansar, BGB and intelligence agency members will take a strict stand in the field if there is an attempt of fire terrorism, sabotage and anarchy. One policeman was killed and 41 policemen were injured in the violence on October 28, the day of BNP’s general meeting. Cases have been filed on various charges including police clashes, vandalism, fire, vandalism and killing of policemen. In these cases, many others, including the accused, have been accused.

Meanwhile, the police said that efforts are being made to identify and arrest those involved in the October 28 incident by examining intelligence information, crime pictures and video footage. Keeping such experiences in mind, the strategy of adopting special security measures for the law and order situation around the announcement of the election schedule is being decided.
Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Additional Commissioner (Crime and Ops). B. Maheed Uddin said, if anyone creates chaos, the police will fulfill legal responsibilities and make all efforts to keep the city residents safe. The vandalism and violence that took place in the name of blockade in the past and the analysis of the recent events will focus on strengthening security not only in Dhaka but across the country.

According to the report of the intelligence agency, BNP-Jamaat blockaded for about three months from January 5 to April 8, 2015 from 2013. They then declared an indefinite blockade. The indefinite blockade called for by the proclamation was not later lifted. That means we are under siege. In that siege they killed people with petrol bombs, killed policemen, damaged lives and property of common people. Now it’s a matter of seeing how they do. The history of past sieges does not bode well for them. That is why the law enforcement forces have been ordered to be very strict and vigilant.

In the districts where vandalism and violence were most prevalent during the past prolonged sieges, security has been directed to be beefed up. Apart from this strict stance instructions will be given in all districts. To ensure public safety, the report of the intelligence agency has recommended to take precautions to prevent attacks on law enforcement agencies and to direct special security measures at houses and places of worship of minorities, including government assets and KPI-affiliated institutions. According to the report, measures should be taken by taking into account all kinds of minor situations. Under no circumstances should the experience of past blockades be experienced again.
Director of RAB’s Legal and Media Wing, Commander Khandaker Al Moin, said that the nationwide blockade program has been announced again. In order to keep public life normal, RAB has taken adequate security measures to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property as well as to protect state assets. If anyone plans any kind of sabotage or violence, he will be immediately identified and brought under the law. RAB will be deployed throughout the country round the clock to prevent sabotage and violence.

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