Chhatra League beat two journalists in Rajshahi College

Chhatra League beat two journalists in Rajshahi College
Chhatra League beat two journalists in Rajshahi College

Chhatra League leaders vandalized the mathematics department of Rajshahi College for not allowing the exam to be conducted outside the rules. At that time, two journalists were beaten up while trying to take pictures. They were admitted to Rajshahi Medical College (Ramek) Hospital in an injured condition.

This incident happened on Thursday afternoon. The two injured are former general secretary of Rajshahi College Reporters Unity and district representative of Bangladesh Journal Abu Said Roni and member of Reporters Unity and staff reporter of Rajshahi Post Abdul Alim.

Eyewitnesses said, Rajshahi College Chhatra League general secretary Ashraful Islam Jafar, Chhatra League activist Saeed Hasan Ashiq, Md. Saheduzzaman, Ashiqur Rahman Sajib, Sajedur Rahman Caesar, Md. Mehdi, Abdur Rahim, Md. Zakaria and Sabbir Hossain carried out this attack. Journalists demanded action against them.

College Principal Moha. Abdul Khalek said that in-course examination is not allowed in any department if absent from class. Because of this, the fourth year student of Mathematics department, Masud Rana, was also not given the opportunity to take the exam in the department. On Thursday afternoon, Masud Rana came to him with the demand of giving the exam. He explained to him that if one person is allowed to take the exam, everyone should be given this opportunity. So it can’t be done.

He also said that after coming out of the principal’s office Masud Rana, a Chhatra League worker, called others. Then they went to the math department and started chanting various slogans. At one point they started vandalizing flower tubs. On hearing the news, the principal himself went and tried to calm them down. At that time, the journalists came and took pictures of the vandalized flower tub after receiving the news. Enraged by this, the BCL workers beat up the two journalists and took away their mobile phones. Later, two injured journalists were sent to hospital for treatment.

Principal Moha. Abdul Khalek said that the attackers took three mobile phones from the journalists. Later they returned it. At that time a mobile phone was found broken. The phone was broken after being thrown. An emergency meeting of the academic council has been called at 6 pm in this incident. The punishment of the attacking students will be decided there.

Abdul Hakim, general secretary of Rajshahi College Reporters Unity, said that our colleagues have been attacked. We demand punishment for those involved in this incident. As the attackers are college students, the college authorities have to take a decision on them. In addition to this, we want to file a case in the police station on behalf of the organization.

General Secretary of Rajshahi College Chhatra League Ashraful Islam Zafar said that ordinary students caused this incident because they were not allowed to take the exam. Among these may be BCL workers. If there is such a person, organizational action will be taken against him.

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