4 municipal mayors of Sirajganj want to become MPs

4 municipal mayors of Sirajganj want to become MPs
4 municipal mayors of Sirajganj want to become MPs

Sirajganj: Mayors of four municipalities in Sirajganj district want to become MP candidates in Awami League’s nomination in the upcoming 12th National Parliament elections.

Besides plowing the election field day and night with the aim of going to Parliament, they are making strong efforts to get the support of the central leadership.

The leaders who want to become MPs from the mayor are Syed Abdur Rauf Mukta, the two-term elected mayor of Sirajganj municipality from Sirajganj-2 (Sadar and Kamarkhand) constituencies and vice-president of district Awami League, the twice-consecutive elected mayor of Ullapara municipality from Sirajganj-4 (Ullapara) constituencies and Municipal Awami League President SM Nazrul Islam, former Chhatra League and Jubo League leader Belkuchi Municipal Mayor Sajjadul Haque Reza in Sirajganj-5 (Belkuchi-Chowhali) Constituency and Shahjadpur Municipal Mayor and Upazila Awami League Joint General Secretary Monir Akhtar Khan in Sirajganj-6 (Shahzadpur) Constituency. Taru Lodi

Syed Abdur Rauf Mukta, one of the businessmen and politicians of Sirajganj city, has been involved in Awami League politics for a long time. He is the joint general secretary of district Awami League. Later, the vice-president is nominated and is serving. He was elected as the mayor twice in the municipal elections with the symbol of the boat. He is expecting the nomination of Awami League in the 12th National Parliament election.

Mayor Syed Abdur Rauf Mukta said, I have been working for the party for a long time. In the last two municipal elections, I worked for the development of the municipality after being elected by a large number of votes with the boat symbol. I hope Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will nominate me. If nominated, I will present this seat to Sheikh Hasina in the parliamentary elections as well as in the municipal elections.

SM Nazrul Islam joined the politics of Awami League after playing Chhatra League and Jubo League politics in Ullapara Upazila. After serving as the general secretary of the municipal Awami League for a long time, he is currently serving as the president. In the last two terms, he was elected mayor on the nomination of Awami League.

He has been campaigning for the past three years with the aim of contesting the next national assembly elections. On his own initiative, he has illuminated hundreds of cemeteries in the upazila. Participating in every program to gain the trust of Trinamool leaders and activists.

Mayor Nazrul Islam said, I have been in the election field for the last three years. I visited every village in the upazila. Got a huge response. If People’s Leader Sheikh Hasina nominates me for this seat, I will work for the development of the area by winning a large number of votes.

Former president of Upazila Chhatra League and former convenor of Jubo League Sajjadul Haque Reza won as an independent candidate without getting party nomination in the last election of Belkuchi municipality.

He was expelled during that election, but later returned to the party with amnesty of the party president.

This time, he is plowing the field as a candidate for nomination of Awami League in the 12th National Parliament Election. This young mayor is doing road meetings and mass communication in Belkuchi and Chauhali areas.

Sazzadul Haque Reza said, I have become a candidate for the sake of the development of the neglected Belkuchi-Chauhali. Although there has been extensive development across the country, the current MP of this constituency has not made any progress. He is completely isolated. For this reason, I am getting massive response from the leaders and activists in the election field. If leader Sheikh Hasina gives me the boat symbol, victory is certain. I will devote myself fully to the development of the area as a winner.

Mani’s Akhtar Khan Taru Lodi, who was never heard of in the politics of Shahjadpur, suddenly appeared in the house. In the last municipal election, he won the post of mayor with the boat symbol. This relative of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been campaigning day and night by announcing himself as a candidate for the national parliament elections.

Taru Lodi’s mother Begum Fazilatunnessa is Mujib’s own cousin. As such, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is her cousin.

Monir Akhter Khan Taru Lodi said, “I have been involved in politics since childhood. I hope to get a ticket. Then trust the public leader. If he nominates Shahjadpur people will win me with huge votes.

Bangladesh Time: 1731 hours, November 09, 2023

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