Sadiq left the post of mayor five days ago

Sadiq left the post of mayor five days ago
Sadiq left the post of mayor five days ago

Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah handed over the responsibility to Panel Mayor-1 at Nagar Bhawan in Barisal.


Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah resigned from the post of Mayor of Barisal City Corporation five days before the end of his term.

He came to Nagar Bhaban at 10 am on Wednesday and submitted an application seeking exemption to the Minister of Local Government Ministry and handed over the responsibility to Panel Mayor-1, said Swapan Kumar Das, the administrative officer of Nagar Bhaban.

He left the city hall at 11:10 am. Swapan Kumar Das said that his application will be systematically sent to the ministry.

Before handing over the duties, Sadiq Abdullah asked the new mayor to apologize for his mistakes to the officials of the city building. Later Barisal Cultural Organization Coordinating Council gave him a farewell reception in the city.

Administrative officer Swapan told that the tenure of the outgoing city mayor was till November 13. But since he was relieved five days ago, Panel Mayor-1 Gazi Naimul Hossain will perform routine duties.

The panel mayor will hand over the responsibility to the new mayor Abul Khair Abdullah Khokon Serniabat on November 14.

Panel Mayor-2 Advocate Rafiqul Islam Khokon told that Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah visited the grave of his mother Sahan Ara Begum in the city’s Muslim cemetery in the morning.

From there he went to the city building and addressed the officials and employees on the temporary stage in front of the building.

In his speech, outgoing mayor Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah said, “From today I am returning to the ranks of the people. Everyone pray for me.

“Don’t mind if I hurt someone’s heart during work. I did everything for the city corporation. I had no personal interest. See everything with a forgiving eye.”

Calling on the cooperation of the new mayor, he said, “The new mayor is coming on the 14th. You will welcome him. Help him in every way. I am, God willing, I will be. The new mayor will have me by his side if he calls on anything.”

At this time Barisal Metropolitan Awami League President and Zilla Parishad Chairman Adv. AKM Jahangir, Sadar Upazila Chairman Saidur Rahman Rintu, Awami League Leader Mahbub Uddin Ahmed Bir Bikram, Panel Mayor-1 Gazi Naimul Hossain Litu, Panel Mayor-2 Adv. Rafiqul Islam Khokon was present.

Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah walked out of the city building and went in front of the party office in the Sohel square of the city. There he placed wreaths on the portraits of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Shaheed Abdur Rob Serniabat.

Later, he received the farewell reception of the Cultural Organization Coordination Parishad at the entrance of Sadar Road Line Road of the city.

From there went to Serniabat Bhawan on Kalibari Road. At this time, the waiting crowd on both sides of the road of about one kilometer greeted him with flowers.

On the other hand, the main road of the city, Sadar Road, was closed for a long time due to this event.

Serniabat Sadiq Abdullah took charge as the Mayor of Barisal City Corporation on November 14, 2018.

However, he did not get the nomination of Awami League in the fifth council election of Barisal City Corporation in 2023. His uncle Abul Khair Khokon Serniabat got the party nomination instead. He was elected mayor by getting 87 thousand 808 votes in the last 12 June polls.


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